Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Heart Melted...

Just before putting Sean in his crib, we usually spend some time just hanging out on our bed. Sean likes to crawl to the end and have me pull him back up. He'll also just sort of bounce about and flap his arms and giggle waiting for me to tickle him. Tonight was no different. He crawled, I pulled back; he bounced, I tickled. Then as he was sitting beside me he decided to use my hair to pull up. I immediately said, "Be Gentle!" in a rather firm voice. In my head I was thinking, yeah, like he understands what 'be gentle' means. But I had no sooner said it then his hand went down to his side and he looked me square in the eyes. So, I said "Thank-you." Sean was mesmerized. So I repeated it again and again and again. He just couldn't seem to get enough of it. And then it heart melted as he gently laid his sweet smelling head on my shoulder and wrapped one chubby arm about my neck. My little gotta go, gotta go baby was, for if only a moment, my little snuggly bear.

Picture perfect in his mother's eyes.

All set for hockey season to start!!

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~*Courtney*~ said...

Awe! That's so sweet. Isn't it great when they just wanna cuddle with you or tell you they love you just because? Well, hope you're doing well. Those are some pretty cute pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ! do you mean he couldn't get enough of hearing" thank you "over and over. What a percious moment . Treasure it ! He is picture perfect in my eyes too.
Grammie Peric

Laura said...

Hi Coutney, it is so great when they want to cuddle, totally. Sean isn't very cuddly so this was a momentous event for me. I just about cried I was so pleased! Thanks

Laura said...

Hi Grammie Peric,
Yeah, he just wanted to hear and watch it again and again. After he put his head down for a bit then he looked up again and I said it again, he smiled and laid back down! So sweet!!!