Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our New Ride!

Marko and I have been heming and hawing about trading in our 03 Civic for awhile now and just yesterday we drove off the lot with an 06 Civic, colour: Fiji Blue! When we saw that Honda was having a sale on 06 civics, we figured this was our chance. We're very happy about this, as this car has a/c, keyless entry and a CD player! Thankfully our payments aren't that much more than the old car so this makes it all worthwhile.

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Stephanie (Shire) said...

Laura, I love the new wheels!! Gorgeous. My hubby and I just bought a brand new Toyota (Matrix) last month, so I know exactly how it feels. Enjoy it! Great choice too, with a Honda you can relax and not worry about repairs. It was either Toyota or Honda for us too. Yay for new cars!! :)

Laura said...

We really pleased with it! We love Honda and the Dealership is just down the road from us. Our lease was going to be up in March anyways and we saw that they were having a sale on the 06s so thought we should go for it. Toyatas are great too, they're so dependable. I used to share a Camry with a friend of mine and it was awesome. It could go through anything!

Nick said...

Hey Laura,

Well guess what's sitting in my driveway as of yesterday afternoon??? I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count!!

See you soon - fellow Honda driver. Do we all have good taste or what??


Laura said...

Hey Nick!!

That's awesome!! Can't wait to see it..well I guess I could just go out to our driveway and look at ours :)

So happy for you!