Friday, September 15, 2006

Time Sure Flies When You're Having Fun!

This past week has been lotso fun! I've been babysitting Abby 3 afternoons a week and this has been ultimate fun! Okay, so it isn't exactly oddles of fun all the time but it can be entirely way too hilarious. Like when I was standing by the play pen with Abby and she grabs on the front of my legs. Sean not to be left out, decided to come from behind and grab the backs of my legs. Then as if on cue they both decide that they would like to go through my legs while pushing the other out of their way! Too funny! And then there was the time when Sean had a poopy diaper, so I changed him on his little mat on the floor. Now, Abby is usually quite good at amusing herself by observing the intricacies of various toys, but not this time. This time she needed to investigate, but not until the offending diaper was wide open and Sean was thrashing about with the toy I had given him as a distraction (so much for distracting). Abby thought it would be best if she helped dispose of the dirty diaper and made a grab for one of the tabs. I thought I would have a heart attack, she gets one good flip of the tab and I've got baby poop on my living room floor. I quickly distract her with my ever so fascinating arm while trying to wip a clean diaper under Sean's bottom and toss the dirty one out of reach. With that done, I give a sigh of relief! Like I said, way too much fun!

My favourite part of babysitting though, has got to be just watching Sean and Abby interact, they are just wayyy too cute! Absolutely love it!

My cold is getting better, I just cough now and then and blow my nose. Fascinating eh?! Thankfully Marko hasn't gotten it...Although I must say there is something Marko ought to get as this picture clearly indicates!

Have you ever seen someone in such desperate need of a haircut?! Posted by Picasa

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