Sunday, September 17, 2006

We Live in Exciting Times

Life just continues to get more and more exciting for us. We knew that Sean was a strong baby but I didn't completely realize just how capable this little guy is. Sean hasn't been in his exersaucer for quite some time but, I felt that he could stand beside it and play with the little toys. He really loved that, but not as much as he loved just shaking the entire thing. I didn't figure that it was much of a problem so I let it ride. Come to find out that wasn't such a great idea. Since Sean decided he would try shaking the near by end table, which had 1 lamp, 2 picture frames and 1 baby monitor on it! Yeah, so he tipped the thing and all afore mentioned items hit the floor. The lamp was the only thing to incur any amount of damage. The monitor, which as I picked it up I accidently dropped, was perfectly fine! Thank goodness for small miracles. We're not too upset about the lamp, we've had some complaints about it, so I guess this was Sean's way of letting us know that it's time to redecorate! So bye bye Mr.Lamp and now we relocate the exersaucer to the back room.

Now all that happened Saturday morning, the evening was even more entertaing but for different reasons. It was girl's night out and we went to the Swiss Chalet. It was marvellous! I love the fries at the Swiss! Yummy. It was Tammy, Jennie, Karen and I. We had a great waitress, she must have been a Kindergarten teacher in a previous job! I only say that because when she brought Karen her Pecan pie for dessert, she included 4 forks! The rest of us had not mentioned any desire to have dessert, let alone helping ourselves to Karen's pie, but I guess the urge for her to share is great, so much so that she forces her patrons to do as she would do! Too funny. The real fun began when we went back to Tammy's place. She had some cake and presents for Karen and I, sort of a belated birthday bash. The cake was ever so tasty! We talked about playing a game but never really decided on one. That's when I noticed Tammy's wide collection of photo albums. I love looking at pictures, even if it's of people I don't know..Guess I 'm just nosey. There were some pictures of the 4 of us from past birthdays and other fun times. One of those other "fun" times that fortunately had been immortalized in photographic print ,was when Jennie and I decided to put on a couple of shower caps and make our most dazed expression. As soon as I saw the picture I started laughing and laughing, why it most have been a good ten minutes! So of course I asked Tammy if she happened to have any shower caps around and lo and behold she did! Of course, that meant we all had to put them on and make some more memories!

Yeah, perhaps not the best use of showercaps!

The Gals!
Look out Charlie's Angels, cause here come Rubber Duckie's Bubble Babes!

Me and Karen, apparently we don't have too many pics of just us, so we took this one.

This is a model of our friendship or as we like to call it: MOOF.

Yummmy, yummy birthday cake!

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