Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

To be honest, we're not that much into Halloween, but I'm all about the dressing up, for sure!! I thought not only would it be super cute to dress Sean up, but it would also be way too much fun to pass up!! I pulled out the authentic shepherd headress that Grammie Peric brought home last summer, thinking this is way too cute. I overturned the toy basket and placed a green blanket over it, a shepherd needs a meadow doesn't he? And of course I grabbed a toy lamb. There, my stage was set, now for the main attraction. Sean ambled over, swiped the green blanket and overturned his sheep, no problem I thought, I'll just get a shot of him with the headress on. No sooner would I get the thing on him, then he would pull it off and put it in his mouth! I did manage to get this sweet little shot before I decided that this was a complete and utter waste of time:

Maybe he'll be ready for his big role come Christmas time?!

So after that less than fun yet still cute adventure, I went for the simple yet sweet angle:

Sean doing his best Tigger Monster Mash impression.

Look! Tigger even signed Sean's bum!!

Still, Sean was not satisfied with my efforts, so he came up with his own costume:

Mr. Bucket Head. I told him that although quite original and super cute, it wasn't such a good choice as it lacked clothes! Brrrrrrrr.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ah, An Extra Hour of Sleep is Mine...or Not

Don't you just love when this time of year rolls around? The special day of days arrives and you joyously run to every clock in your house and slam them back an hour. Take that, ol' Mr. Time!! I am so taking that hour back! You smile fiendishly, thinking of how you will use your well earned hour. For me this was a time for day dreaming about that extra hour of sleep I would enjoy the next morning. I would wake at my regular 6ish hour, roll over to see that it was only 5 in the morning and I would snuggle my face further into my pillow and smile sweetly to myself in great anticipation of yet another hour of uninterrupted, blissful sleep.

This year has definetly been different. Sean, not only woke an hour early he tagged on an extra 30 minutes for good measure. (Good thing too, I had forgotten what 20 to 5 in the morning was like). Thankfully, he stayed up only long enough to eat and was satisfied to go back to bed for another hour, bless his little heart!

Today at church for the first time we found Sean in tears when we picked him up from the Nursery. Poor guy! He was crying to beat the band so I asked what had happened. This was also the first time that Marko and I weren't the first parents in there. Sean saw all his little friends leave before his slack parents finally showed up for him. I sat down with him in the rocking chair and asked his forgiveness for taking so very long coming down those stairs, and would a nice bottle of formula make it up to him? He was very obliging and quietly sniffled and slurpped his bottle right up. He was happy to play and enjoy the rest of the day, guess it couldn't have been that bad.

Which brings us to this evening's big event, Sean and I had the most awful misfortune to conk our heads together! Oh, how that hurt. As I gripped my forehead in pain, Sean howled! I quickly scopped him up in my arms and hugged him like crazy. I knew that my head was killing me and I had seen it coming, I can only imagine how hurt he felt. Luckily Sean isn't one to hold on to his hurt for very long. After a few more sniffles, he went right back to playing with one of our pillows. What a guy!

"Look Mommy, I can juggle!!"

" Mmmm, yummy green disk of woodly goodness!"

"Okay so my juggling act would be WAY better if I could do this without using my face!"

"You put what in my sippy cup?!"

"I just know I can fit this thing in there, if I just open wider!"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Office

Check it out, I have my own little office!! It used to be our spare room or should I say our dumping room. I just cleaned the whole place up, threw a bunch of stuff out and even more stuff to Good Will. I was very happy with my new clean spare room and that's when I realized what a gem of a room this really is. Forever I've been doing my blogging and surfing, sitting on the couch. And as comfy as that was, it was a little awkward at times. I feel ever so professional at my little desk with my Winnie the Pooh lamp.

In other news, Sean has mastered how to get up from the floor without using something to pull up on, pretty cute. His walking continues to improve much to my horr, I mean delight. He wants to go everywhere. He has gotten quite proficient at escaping from the living room. Dude really likes wandering about in the kitchen. On one of his excursions, he fell and bit his tongue, there was some blood and much tears. Sadly, you can neither kiss a tongue better, or put a band-aid on it.

At bedtime this evening, Sean decided to throw our decorative pillow on the floor and then down went my pillow, his next feat was to rip the blankets off the bed. Well, I had had enough of his shinanigans by this point, so I quickly pulled the blankets right back up. He let out with a peal of laughter. He again pulled back the sheets and I just as quickly pulled them back up..more laughter. Figures.. Then after the novelty of this wore off, Sean decided he would try pushing my back to see if I would topple over and I did, which resulted in more laughter and Sean crawling through my legs to flop himself down in front of me..My little sweetie.

Too adorable!

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Little Escape Artist

Ah yes, Sean has discovered how to make a break for the gloriously interesting Kitchen!! Of course, I'd rather just have him stay in the living room and play quietly with his toys...oh how naive of me!

Sean and Abby were happily playing. Sean had his big red ball and was tossing it here and there. (oh, he also discovered bowling..take said red ball, place on end table, push into picture frames...STRIKE!) So with one of his tosses it rolled right under the end table and into the kitchen. Sean being the adventurer went after it. "If it can get out then, so can I!!!" He thought. I thought about getting up, getting him, putting him back in our place of toydom..but then I thought, nah, lets see how much fun it is to be by yourself without any toys to play with in the kitchen. It didn't take Sean long to realize he wasn't having as much fun as he had hoped and he resigned himself to rejoining us. Only problem is this happened:

ohhh, so stuck!

He thought he might fit, but indeed he did not, but he tried, oh how he tried. He tried so hard that Abby came over to investigate. She stood on her side and ducked her head behind the playpen and then peeked at Sean...oh the giggles. Well Abby giggled, Sean just sorta stared in disbelief at his horrible situation:

Abby: "This, this is great! Can we do this everytime I come to play?!"
Sean: "This has not worked out at all the way I planned!"

He did eventually find his way back in and all was right with his little world once again!

Strutin' his stuff."I'm just playing in my cupbord, Mommy."

"If you're happy and you know it, smack the octopus!"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I just couldn't post this without a little explanation..This night, Noel just couldn't stop himself from feeding people cake...poor Troy.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anniversary Highlights and Other Stories

Wow, what a week! Wednesday was our official anniversary but we didn't celebrate it until this weekend. I was in Bridgewater on Thursday for a funeral and left Wednesday night to get there. On the way back between Bayers Lake Business Park and Bedford there was a pretty big accident and the traffic was unbelivable. You'd move about 10 feet, stop, move again, stop..we inched along like that for about 45 minutes, I caught myself singing "Inchworm, inchworm..." It was either sing that or go mentally insane! I was hoping to make the last boat across but after that fiasco, there was no chance, so I headed for the Bridge!

But anyways, our anniversary was really nice. Mike and Nancy were ever so gracious and babysat for us while we went out for supper and a movie. We had a 30 dollar gift certificate to any Murphy's Restaurant (Thank-you Grammie Peric). We picked Pizza Delight, thinking that we could do apps, good entrees and a desert to share, instead of going to one of the more posh places and only getting one entree for that.

PD was great, we had brushetta for apps, I had the chicken veggie alfredo and Marko had the Tuscan chicken sandwich and for desert we split a skillet of cinnabuns..YUM! We rolled ourselves over to the cash and triumphantly passed our waitress our gift card, mentioning that there should be 30 bucks on it. This meant we would only have to pay 6 dollars of our own hard earned cash! Woo Hoo. She swiped the card, hit a couple of buttons, then looked quizzically at the reciept. She glanced up at us and said, "You said there was 30 left on this card?" "Yep" we replied expecting to hear that there was only like 5 on it or something like that.."Well," she said, "It's showing that you still have 43 bucks left on it!" I stared back at her, what?! When has a computer glitch ever worked in a customer's favour? I wondered. She trotted on back to what I assume would have been the manager's office to inquire as to what to do about our gift card windfall. We were more than pleased when she came back out and told us to hold onto the card and when we go to eat out again have them swipe the card first to make sure there's still money on it!! How sweet is that?!!

We saw the movie Man of the Year. We both like Robin Williams and Christopher Walken so we figured this would be great. I would say it turned out to be alright. Definetly not the movie we thought it was going to be. I think we both thought we'd be on the floor laughing but they included quite a bit of intrigue so there were some good guffaws along with some scared gasps.

Another highlight from our anniversary was this:

Pretty nice timepiece eh? Yep, my folks have struck gold with this little gem. Dad was so excited about this one. Apparently dumpster diving really agrees with my family. Now, wherever they go they're checking the trash for any possible misplaced treasures, that surely I would love to have. Dad had originally found a mug but my sister wanted that, so he settled with this clock. Not bad really. Mom was quite thrilled by the sticker of authenticity located on the bottom of this obviously antique timepiece. At her insistence I turned the clock over to discover that this was none other than a most coveted Dollarama original! Thank-you all, we really love our clock that is consistently losing time as each hour passes!

oh, I almost forgot to mention, the totally freaking awesome Hockey game we went to with our friends on Friday night. It was AMAZING!! I had an absolutely fan-freaking-tastic time. I love hockey and I love live hockey games even more!! Why? Becuase you can yell louder at the teams and hoot and holler like a crazy person when your team scores! The game was between The Cape Breton Eagles and the Charlottetown Rocket. Oh man, it was so good! The Rocket won! I screamed so hard that my voice was all hoarse afterwards. I'd do all again if I had the chance!

Guess thats all for now, hope you all had a great weekend. Hi Uncle John and Aunt Karen! Mom mentioned that you check out my site, so I thought I'd say hi and thanks for visiting!

What a precious little fella!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Anniversary!

That's us just 3 years ago! Wow, 3 years...I guess that isn't a whole heapin' lot of time, but in this day and age of quick marriages and even quicker divorces, I should say we are very fortunate to be married. I love being married to Marko. Although I will admit there was a time when I wasn't sure it was going to work...It was our first night in our own little apartment, the honeymoon was over, the presents unpacked and now it was time to face reality. We kissed goodnight, ready to drift off to dreamland...When to my utter horror this nearly ear poppingly loud noise began emanating from my husband's mouth and nose. How can this be?! I wondered. I rolled over and stared at him, mind you with it being dark and all I couldn't see a darn thing. I rolled back over and pressed my face into my pillow hoping that this would dampen the noise but alas and alack, my ears were filled with the sound of my dear husband's snoring, or as some would put it deep breathing. I got out of bed and began pacing and thinking, how is this going to work, we've barely been married a week and now it looks like we'll need seperate rooms?! How will we ever have a family this way?!! I love my sleep, I've got to sleep, but how?! And that's when the answer came to me and I quietly climbed back into bed, snuggled down in the sheets and gave Marko a sharp jab in the side. He turned over and the noise stopped..Ahhhh blissful sleep!

All joking aside, I just want to say thank you to Marko's mom and dad for having such a wonderful son. I love this man with all my heart, even the snoring..well I'm working on it. I couldn't imagine my life without my wonderful and ever helpful hubby!

I Love You, Marko!! (((Marko)))

I have another admission to make, these pictures are pictures I took of pictures taken by Nancy Thomas. You should definetly go and check out her photography site (it's there on my sidebar), you'll get lots of great ideas for Christmas gifts!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Today we went to Nova Scotia to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. What a beautiful day to travel! The sun was shining and the trees looked amazing with their fall foilage.

We had a good trip over, Sean enjoyed the boat. Marko and I were "okay" with it, as it wasn't our prefered boat. The boat we like, The Confederation, has really great seating areas. The Holiday Island on the other hand just pretty much sucks on all levels...but then thats just us.

As soon as we pulled into Mom and Dad's driveway we pretty much jumped back in the car to go visit Beppe. Beppe was just sitting down to lunch so we weren't able to stay very long. She really enjoyed having Sean there, as did most of the other residents and staff.

Back at the house we setteled in for a yummy lunch of fish chowder and for Marko, country chowder (I think it had a bit of Denmark in it..wink). Sean was his usual active self and although his body was telling him it was time for a nap the rest of him said PLAY! So we figured we'd help him out and go for a walk. This put him out like a light for some much needed rest.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving supper, Mom pulled out all the stops! Thanks Mom! It was really nice to come home and be with my family again. Can't wait to see you on Sean's birthday!

Visiting Beppe, Sean thought he'd show off his eating skills and snagged Beppe's spoon!

The Hope's Homestead..a.k.a. Windsong Farm

Ready to Eat!

On the walk, the sun was getting in Sean's eyes so we turned him about and pulled him the rest of the way.

Good Times!

Back on the waves heading home.

I like this picture 'cause if you look very carefully you can just make out the reflection of our car in the hubcap. This truck was across the stairway from us.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Baby Turns 10 Months Old Today!

I can hardly believe that my baby boy is all of 10 months today! He's such a sweetie, here are 10 things I love about Sean:

1. His smile
2. The way he quietly says Dada to Marko in the morning. (super sweet)
3. The way he waves to people after they have left.
4. How he squeals with glee when Abby comes over to play.
5. How he enjoys splashing in his bath.
6. The way he enjoys feeding himself his peas...whole handfuls at a time...can get messy.
7. How he takes his little breaks.
8. The way he heads to the kitchen when I tell him that it's supper time.
9. How much he loves his doggie.
10. How he bounces up and down when he's listening to music.

I love my baby boy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How Sweet It Is

Looking after Sean and Abby has got to be about the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life! These two little tots never cease to amaze me with their sweet little personalities. Let's take two wonderful examples from today:

Bonnie and Abby arrived after lunch and Sean was ever so pleased to see them. He got right up and toddled over to the play pen in great anticipation. After Bonnie sat down she let Abby stand beside her. Sean toddled over to Abby, put his arm around her back and put his sweet little head on her shoulder. A nice little welcome hug for his best friend.

Later on Sean decided to play with his toy arch (it has toys that dangle from it that he likes to pop in his mouth). Abby soon joined him. She was standing in front of it and playing with the knobs on top while Sean was sitting on the floor and desperately trying to get the moon in his mouth. He quickly tired of that and started making eyes at Abby. He coyly glanced up at her with this incredibly goofy grin and sorta grunted at her. She in turn looked down at him, tousled his hair, then poked his forehead, then his cheek. Since he was okay with that she squatted down and planted a big wet kiss on his head!! Had to be about the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

Could he be much happier?!

"Look Abby, my Mommy remembered to put my pants on me this time so now you can talk to me!"
Sean mid break.

Abby's party trick.
"Neener, Neener, Neener!"

"Oh, I just love this book, its in my book club!"

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bath Time Lessons and Other Stories

Ah, yes the educational benefits of bath time! Sean learned a most important lesson about bathing: under no circumstances should you voluntarily put your head under water! Especially when you don't know how to hold your breath.
Experince #1: First I should mention that Sean, when he is busy playing in our living room, will take periodic breaks. A "break" usually entails Sean stopping mid crawl to put his head down, if for but a moment, and then continuing on his merry little way. This excercise done sans water has little to no potential for danger. But when you introduce a tub full of water and a busy little baby who likes to take the odd break here and there, you have potential for some serious water inhalation! Sean was utterly aghast and dismayed with this situation and duly scowled at the water. Then, as the turkey baster floated by he made a mad grab for it and happily chewed away at the new play toy...Until...

Experience#2 Let me first say, that Sean's fascination with the tub plug has been a source of some annoyance on my part and a source of utter elation on Sean's part. For the past couple of nights as I would plunk Sean's squirming little body into the water, he would wriggle his way to the front of the tub and pull the plug! I hadn't even gotten a chance to get his head wet by this point! So tonight I cut the chain off the plug, thinking that this would solve all our plug problems...This is where Sean gets creative. He quickly realized that he could not get the plug out with his hands, so obviously the next best option is to use your face! Again my poor little lad got a nose and mouth full of water! Hopefully though this has taught him that anyway you go about it, putting your face in the water for any reason is just not a good idea!

Now for the other stories...It seems that the teething train is pulling in to drop off at least one more tooth at the moment! Its a top one this time and I'm hoping that another one isn't too far behind just so Sean's sweet smile can have some symmetry.

Sean is a very busy walker these days. He's still building his confidence but he gets very excited when he manages to toddle over to you. It is so much fun to watch him discover the new things that his body is able to do.

Have I told you that Sean is eating chicken? (Don't tell him that though, he thinks he's just eating his cereal) I've tried a couple more times to see if he would eat it without the cover up but that was met with a hearty "Blahhheck"

Now for some pictures:

Abby: "Listen Sean, you're a nice guy but I just don't talk to boys who don't wear pants."
Sean: "Mom! Where are my pants?! Why don't I have my pants on?! You're responsible for this!"

Fall Daze

Must eat apple...Don't worry I didn't let him eat the apple.

Now this is the life!