Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ah, An Extra Hour of Sleep is Mine...or Not

Don't you just love when this time of year rolls around? The special day of days arrives and you joyously run to every clock in your house and slam them back an hour. Take that, ol' Mr. Time!! I am so taking that hour back! You smile fiendishly, thinking of how you will use your well earned hour. For me this was a time for day dreaming about that extra hour of sleep I would enjoy the next morning. I would wake at my regular 6ish hour, roll over to see that it was only 5 in the morning and I would snuggle my face further into my pillow and smile sweetly to myself in great anticipation of yet another hour of uninterrupted, blissful sleep.

This year has definetly been different. Sean, not only woke an hour early he tagged on an extra 30 minutes for good measure. (Good thing too, I had forgotten what 20 to 5 in the morning was like). Thankfully, he stayed up only long enough to eat and was satisfied to go back to bed for another hour, bless his little heart!

Today at church for the first time we found Sean in tears when we picked him up from the Nursery. Poor guy! He was crying to beat the band so I asked what had happened. This was also the first time that Marko and I weren't the first parents in there. Sean saw all his little friends leave before his slack parents finally showed up for him. I sat down with him in the rocking chair and asked his forgiveness for taking so very long coming down those stairs, and would a nice bottle of formula make it up to him? He was very obliging and quietly sniffled and slurpped his bottle right up. He was happy to play and enjoy the rest of the day, guess it couldn't have been that bad.

Which brings us to this evening's big event, Sean and I had the most awful misfortune to conk our heads together! Oh, how that hurt. As I gripped my forehead in pain, Sean howled! I quickly scopped him up in my arms and hugged him like crazy. I knew that my head was killing me and I had seen it coming, I can only imagine how hurt he felt. Luckily Sean isn't one to hold on to his hurt for very long. After a few more sniffles, he went right back to playing with one of our pillows. What a guy!

"Look Mommy, I can juggle!!"

" Mmmm, yummy green disk of woodly goodness!"

"Okay so my juggling act would be WAY better if I could do this without using my face!"

"You put what in my sippy cup?!"

"I just know I can fit this thing in there, if I just open wider!"


Mike said...

My 3-year old and I often bonk each other's head. I cry. He laughs.


Mary Evans said...

The only way to get the hour back is to move everything a bit later the day before so that he goes to bed later. You might get 15 min if you're lucky! Otherwise, wait til he's a teenager.