Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anniversary Highlights and Other Stories

Wow, what a week! Wednesday was our official anniversary but we didn't celebrate it until this weekend. I was in Bridgewater on Thursday for a funeral and left Wednesday night to get there. On the way back between Bayers Lake Business Park and Bedford there was a pretty big accident and the traffic was unbelivable. You'd move about 10 feet, stop, move again, stop..we inched along like that for about 45 minutes, I caught myself singing "Inchworm, inchworm..." It was either sing that or go mentally insane! I was hoping to make the last boat across but after that fiasco, there was no chance, so I headed for the Bridge!

But anyways, our anniversary was really nice. Mike and Nancy were ever so gracious and babysat for us while we went out for supper and a movie. We had a 30 dollar gift certificate to any Murphy's Restaurant (Thank-you Grammie Peric). We picked Pizza Delight, thinking that we could do apps, good entrees and a desert to share, instead of going to one of the more posh places and only getting one entree for that.

PD was great, we had brushetta for apps, I had the chicken veggie alfredo and Marko had the Tuscan chicken sandwich and for desert we split a skillet of cinnabuns..YUM! We rolled ourselves over to the cash and triumphantly passed our waitress our gift card, mentioning that there should be 30 bucks on it. This meant we would only have to pay 6 dollars of our own hard earned cash! Woo Hoo. She swiped the card, hit a couple of buttons, then looked quizzically at the reciept. She glanced up at us and said, "You said there was 30 left on this card?" "Yep" we replied expecting to hear that there was only like 5 on it or something like that.."Well," she said, "It's showing that you still have 43 bucks left on it!" I stared back at her, what?! When has a computer glitch ever worked in a customer's favour? I wondered. She trotted on back to what I assume would have been the manager's office to inquire as to what to do about our gift card windfall. We were more than pleased when she came back out and told us to hold onto the card and when we go to eat out again have them swipe the card first to make sure there's still money on it!! How sweet is that?!!

We saw the movie Man of the Year. We both like Robin Williams and Christopher Walken so we figured this would be great. I would say it turned out to be alright. Definetly not the movie we thought it was going to be. I think we both thought we'd be on the floor laughing but they included quite a bit of intrigue so there were some good guffaws along with some scared gasps.

Another highlight from our anniversary was this:

Pretty nice timepiece eh? Yep, my folks have struck gold with this little gem. Dad was so excited about this one. Apparently dumpster diving really agrees with my family. Now, wherever they go they're checking the trash for any possible misplaced treasures, that surely I would love to have. Dad had originally found a mug but my sister wanted that, so he settled with this clock. Not bad really. Mom was quite thrilled by the sticker of authenticity located on the bottom of this obviously antique timepiece. At her insistence I turned the clock over to discover that this was none other than a most coveted Dollarama original! Thank-you all, we really love our clock that is consistently losing time as each hour passes!

oh, I almost forgot to mention, the totally freaking awesome Hockey game we went to with our friends on Friday night. It was AMAZING!! I had an absolutely fan-freaking-tastic time. I love hockey and I love live hockey games even more!! Why? Becuase you can yell louder at the teams and hoot and holler like a crazy person when your team scores! The game was between The Cape Breton Eagles and the Charlottetown Rocket. Oh man, it was so good! The Rocket won! I screamed so hard that my voice was all hoarse afterwards. I'd do all again if I had the chance!

Guess thats all for now, hope you all had a great weekend. Hi Uncle John and Aunt Karen! Mom mentioned that you check out my site, so I thought I'd say hi and thanks for visiting!

What a precious little fella!


Mike said...

Happy anniversary. And that's a great image. Love it.


Anonymous said...

Hi laura,Marko&sean.Yes welike to watch the boy grow.Also we like to see your familys pictures. Take good care of the boy and yourselves. Love AuntGwen& Uncle John.

Laura said...

Hi Uncle John and Auntie Gwen!

I'm so glad you guys are coming to the site and enjoying it! Glad to know you're out there!

Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

I love this one!! It is a keeper & going to Photo Lab for a print. I call a "Gramma " picture.
Love Mom