Monday, October 02, 2006

Bath Time Lessons and Other Stories

Ah, yes the educational benefits of bath time! Sean learned a most important lesson about bathing: under no circumstances should you voluntarily put your head under water! Especially when you don't know how to hold your breath.
Experince #1: First I should mention that Sean, when he is busy playing in our living room, will take periodic breaks. A "break" usually entails Sean stopping mid crawl to put his head down, if for but a moment, and then continuing on his merry little way. This excercise done sans water has little to no potential for danger. But when you introduce a tub full of water and a busy little baby who likes to take the odd break here and there, you have potential for some serious water inhalation! Sean was utterly aghast and dismayed with this situation and duly scowled at the water. Then, as the turkey baster floated by he made a mad grab for it and happily chewed away at the new play toy...Until...

Experience#2 Let me first say, that Sean's fascination with the tub plug has been a source of some annoyance on my part and a source of utter elation on Sean's part. For the past couple of nights as I would plunk Sean's squirming little body into the water, he would wriggle his way to the front of the tub and pull the plug! I hadn't even gotten a chance to get his head wet by this point! So tonight I cut the chain off the plug, thinking that this would solve all our plug problems...This is where Sean gets creative. He quickly realized that he could not get the plug out with his hands, so obviously the next best option is to use your face! Again my poor little lad got a nose and mouth full of water! Hopefully though this has taught him that anyway you go about it, putting your face in the water for any reason is just not a good idea!

Now for the other stories...It seems that the teething train is pulling in to drop off at least one more tooth at the moment! Its a top one this time and I'm hoping that another one isn't too far behind just so Sean's sweet smile can have some symmetry.

Sean is a very busy walker these days. He's still building his confidence but he gets very excited when he manages to toddle over to you. It is so much fun to watch him discover the new things that his body is able to do.

Have I told you that Sean is eating chicken? (Don't tell him that though, he thinks he's just eating his cereal) I've tried a couple more times to see if he would eat it without the cover up but that was met with a hearty "Blahhheck"

Now for some pictures:

Abby: "Listen Sean, you're a nice guy but I just don't talk to boys who don't wear pants."
Sean: "Mom! Where are my pants?! Why don't I have my pants on?! You're responsible for this!"

Fall Daze

Must eat apple...Don't worry I didn't let him eat the apple.

Now this is the life!

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