Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

To be honest, we're not that much into Halloween, but I'm all about the dressing up, for sure!! I thought not only would it be super cute to dress Sean up, but it would also be way too much fun to pass up!! I pulled out the authentic shepherd headress that Grammie Peric brought home last summer, thinking this is way too cute. I overturned the toy basket and placed a green blanket over it, a shepherd needs a meadow doesn't he? And of course I grabbed a toy lamb. There, my stage was set, now for the main attraction. Sean ambled over, swiped the green blanket and overturned his sheep, no problem I thought, I'll just get a shot of him with the headress on. No sooner would I get the thing on him, then he would pull it off and put it in his mouth! I did manage to get this sweet little shot before I decided that this was a complete and utter waste of time:

Maybe he'll be ready for his big role come Christmas time?!

So after that less than fun yet still cute adventure, I went for the simple yet sweet angle:

Sean doing his best Tigger Monster Mash impression.

Look! Tigger even signed Sean's bum!!

Still, Sean was not satisfied with my efforts, so he came up with his own costume:

Mr. Bucket Head. I told him that although quite original and super cute, it wasn't such a good choice as it lacked clothes! Brrrrrrrr.

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