Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Today we went to Nova Scotia to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. What a beautiful day to travel! The sun was shining and the trees looked amazing with their fall foilage.

We had a good trip over, Sean enjoyed the boat. Marko and I were "okay" with it, as it wasn't our prefered boat. The boat we like, The Confederation, has really great seating areas. The Holiday Island on the other hand just pretty much sucks on all levels...but then thats just us.

As soon as we pulled into Mom and Dad's driveway we pretty much jumped back in the car to go visit Beppe. Beppe was just sitting down to lunch so we weren't able to stay very long. She really enjoyed having Sean there, as did most of the other residents and staff.

Back at the house we setteled in for a yummy lunch of fish chowder and for Marko, country chowder (I think it had a bit of Denmark in it..wink). Sean was his usual active self and although his body was telling him it was time for a nap the rest of him said PLAY! So we figured we'd help him out and go for a walk. This put him out like a light for some much needed rest.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving supper, Mom pulled out all the stops! Thanks Mom! It was really nice to come home and be with my family again. Can't wait to see you on Sean's birthday!

Visiting Beppe, Sean thought he'd show off his eating skills and snagged Beppe's spoon!

The Hope's Homestead..a.k.a. Windsong Farm

Ready to Eat!

On the walk, the sun was getting in Sean's eyes so we turned him about and pulled him the rest of the way.

Good Times!

Back on the waves heading home.

I like this picture 'cause if you look very carefully you can just make out the reflection of our car in the hubcap. This truck was across the stairway from us.

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