Friday, October 20, 2006

My Little Escape Artist

Ah yes, Sean has discovered how to make a break for the gloriously interesting Kitchen!! Of course, I'd rather just have him stay in the living room and play quietly with his toys...oh how naive of me!

Sean and Abby were happily playing. Sean had his big red ball and was tossing it here and there. (oh, he also discovered bowling..take said red ball, place on end table, push into picture frames...STRIKE!) So with one of his tosses it rolled right under the end table and into the kitchen. Sean being the adventurer went after it. "If it can get out then, so can I!!!" He thought. I thought about getting up, getting him, putting him back in our place of toydom..but then I thought, nah, lets see how much fun it is to be by yourself without any toys to play with in the kitchen. It didn't take Sean long to realize he wasn't having as much fun as he had hoped and he resigned himself to rejoining us. Only problem is this happened:

ohhh, so stuck!

He thought he might fit, but indeed he did not, but he tried, oh how he tried. He tried so hard that Abby came over to investigate. She stood on her side and ducked her head behind the playpen and then peeked at Sean...oh the giggles. Well Abby giggled, Sean just sorta stared in disbelief at his horrible situation:

Abby: "This, this is great! Can we do this everytime I come to play?!"
Sean: "This has not worked out at all the way I planned!"

He did eventually find his way back in and all was right with his little world once again!

Strutin' his stuff."I'm just playing in my cupbord, Mommy."

"If you're happy and you know it, smack the octopus!"

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Faerylandmom said...

I laughed out loud at your little boy's situation! I'm smiling this minute! I love kids. They are so much fun to just sit back and watch!

Thank you for visiting my Faith Lifts post...your comment was so encouraging to me. :o)