Thursday, November 30, 2006

Climbing to New Heights

More fun for Sean and more anxiety for Mommy! Sean climbed up on my steamer trunk this afternoon. He was very pleased with himself and his new view of my office. He was quite taken with the Dust buster and the vaccuum while he was there. So now everything is here for Sean to climb on. He is desperately attempting to hoist his little body onto the couches any chance he gets. He tries to climb out of the tub too. Can't leave this little guy by himself for a second, who knows where I might find him next!

Sean has developed a bit of shyness for strangers. He gets upset when I leave him in the Nursery at church but that only lasts until one of the ladies gives him a toy to play with. This afternoon Sharon came in to drop something off and Sean was all interested in who was at the door. I think he suspected it was Abby and Bonnie ready to play. So when he saw Sharon he was a little shy and instead of coming into the hallway he turned right around to head back into the living room... Unfortunately he ran right into the back of the couch. He sorta bounced back and landed on the floor. How embarassing! Poor little guy. I picked him up and brought him over to Sharon and she fussed over him and that made everything all right again.

"Mommy, did you make a stinky, cause it smells funny in here!"

" I, the Amazing Sean conquered the Trunk of Great Mysteries!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More New Discoveries

Sean has few more new tricks up his sleeve to share with Mommy. Today he found out that a straw is not only good for sucking up liquid but also mighty good for blowing bubbles in said liquid! He was quite pleased with the bubbles all his blowing would produce!

Today we had company, Carolyn (the Mommy) and her girls, Kaylee (2) and Catherine (6 months). Kaylee and Sean had a blast together. Kaylee taught Sean how to hide in his toy cabinet. Sean was super impressed with this. Kaylee would hide in it and call for Sean and he would chuckle all the way over to the cabinet and then they both would squeal with delight when Sean found her. Sean was also very interested in Catherine. She was in her car seat when she arrived and Sean wanted desperately to get her out of it so she could play. Catherine and Sean both seem to enjoy the comfort of sticking an object, any object in their mouth. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship! So long as they don't want to suck the same thing at the same time!

I got my first big "kiss" from Sean this evening. I was just holding him before putting him to bed and he put a hand on either side of my face and looked up at me so I went in to give him a kiss. I kissed his upper lip while he licked my chin. It was ever so sweet and rather wet!

Wordless Wednesday

And they call him Fishface on Vimeo

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Year Ago Today

Okay, so this was me a year ago:

Nice belly eh?! I felt so huge! We took this photo in the hopes that this would be
our last chance to take a pregnant belly picture...Silly me, we had plenty of time to take pictures. I don't mind admitting that by the end of it I was getting pretty anxious to get this baby out. I had had my fill of being pregnant, it was time to move on! Who knew I still had a whole week to live through!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Time to Backtrack

I thought it might be interesting to share what it was like when we found out that I was pregnant.

I had suspected that I was pregnant before we took the home pregnancy test. I had been out with some friends at a restaurant and about half way through the meal I went to the bathroom and started gagging. This was not a normal occurance. I wasn't feeling bad either, just felt like I had to gag. After that fun event, I decided it was time to pick up the home pregnancy test. Marko was a little shocked and asked if I thought we really needed that yet. I said yes! Shoppers was having a sale on them and we got 2 tests, always fun to confirm and reconfirm! So on the night of March 29th we did the test and of course it was positive! We hardly knew what to say. We just kept looking at the lines and mummbling "Wow, we're pregnant!" Just to be doubley sure I took the test again in the morning...still pregnant! We were so excited! We called my folks and let them know and they were quite elated at the thought of being grand parents! Marko emailed his family a rather cryptic message about our latest discovery.

Now here is the fun part!! As a part of our social life we we would get together with our friends at Brian and Bonnie's place to watch the Amazing Race. This was a time of fun, chatting and discussing which team would be next to be eliminated. Well, on the evening of April 5th, Brian and Bonnie announced that they were pregnant, our friends were ecstatic! So I asked Bonnie when she was due and then said "Cool, cause we're due November 30th!!" Well, you could've knocked our friends over with a feather after that one! We were all talking at once by that point and no longer cared who would be last in the Amazing Race. We were now on our own amazing race!

(The only reason I remember the particular dates is because I kept a journal. I'm thankful to have it today. It's interesting to reread my thoughts about the pregnancy and life in general at that time.)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Keeping Sean Busy

Just found a new game that keeps Sean busy for at least a little while. He loves his little plastic truck and he'll bring it to me so that I can make the "vroom, vroom" noises and push the truck about. This afternoon as I was sitting cross legged on the floor, Sean brought his truck over. I decided to push the truck around my back and Sean decided to give chase. So the truck came around my front and so did Sean, the truck circled behind me, quickly followed by Sean. We kept going around and around until Sean started getting frustrated. I stopped and let him get it. He was mighty pleased at that point! Marko and I both thought it was kinda funny.

Today Sean managed to conquer going up our stairs! Quite the feat when you factor in the little bits of gravel on the steps. Needless to say I gave him a good dusting off at the top of the steps. Note to self, must clean steps!

Some other fun Sean tid bits: Sean was ever so helpful this morning by getting his slippers to put on when I asked him. Well, he could only reach one of them so when he decided the other one was out of reach he went for one of his shoes. When I asked him if it was nap time he headed off to his room and let Daddy put him to bed! Mind you, he didn't fall asleep right away. Sean has a favorite book, its called "Disney's Winnie the Pooh Here Comes Winter!" He'll pull this one off the bookshelf and plunk himself down on my lap. So I'll read the Reader Digest Condensed version so as not to lose his attention. We'll finish the book and he'll go on his way but he'll come back and want to listen to it again.

Here are some photos of Sean in his winter jacket that Grammie Peric bought him.

Might just be a tad on the big size yet but he looks so cute in it!

The hood sure makes him look taller!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Short Story that I just Wanted to Share

This afternoon when I came home from work, I found Sean playing with his Daddy in the livingroom. Sean smiled when I came in and made this happy little "eeee" sound. Very cute. And so he comes ambling over to me, only when he gets past the couch do I notice that he only has a onsie on..I smirked. As he got closer I squated down ready for the hug that I was sure he was going to smother me with. Just before he would have been in my arms, he squated down too. So there we were, our arms resting on our knees just looking at each other. That is until I could stand it no longer and I scooped him up in my arms and smothered him in my hug. Sweetly, he rested his little head on my shoulder and allowed me this moment of utter joy!

One Week Til Party Time!

Well, here we are nearly a year later, and what do we have to show for it? We have an amazing little boy that continues to fill his parents with wonder and love for him. This Saturday we will be celebrating Sean's birthday a little early, his actual birthday is December 5th. Grampa and Gramma Hope along with some other auspicous guests will join in the fun. I thought that for those of you unable to attend, I would treat you to some stories and pictures that you probably haven't heard or seen. It is my hope that this will make you feel included in our birthday bash. I also hope to do quite a bit of video on the big day so you all can see him smear icing all over his face and rip into his presents.

So without further ado here is a pregnant picture of moi:

This was at about 34 weeks. I was hoping that I would go early but Sean had other designs and decided he would hold out past his due dates..Yes my little guy had 3 different possible due dates and didn't arrive on any of them. Our family doctor came up with Nov 30th, My Obgyn said Nov. 29th and the Health Nurse said that it would be Dec. 2. So I guess the Nurses had it!

Guess what I did today?! Look:

Yep, I'm in the Christmas spirit and now most of our apartment is too. I did this after Sean went to bed, couldn't imagine trying to get this done with him up! I love decorating the tree. I love looking at all the ornaments and just remembering past Christmases..Isn't it a great time of the year?!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is Just WAY too much Fun!!

Brining up a little one is beyond fun! Its down right crazy!! I mean, it is so exciting to watch them do something for the first time. But then there are the other times that you start thinking, wow this never happened when we were just a married couple. In the first instance, it was quite exciting to watch Sean tackle the stairs at the Chapel this past Sunday. We live in a basement apartment so there aren't any stairs for him to practice on. The stairs that lead down to our apartment are inside the garage and we have a gravel driveway. This means that there is plenty of bits of driveway on our stairs, not exactly the optimal climbing environment. Also it is fun to watch Sean dance, or should I say march on the spot. He just started doing this, I hope to catch it on video soon! He's also gotten the knack of dragging things backwards. He'll walk his Fisher Price walker forwards and then back, over and over again. Another funny bit is how he'll try to feed me his cheerios at meal times. Sometimes he'll let me have one and other times just as I'm leaning in to take it, he pops it in his own mouth! He also has mastered the art of drinking through a straw! Way cool!

Now for the stuff that didn't happen when were "just" married. No one ever pooped in the tub! I really don't know what to think of this. I hope Sean isn't thinking that this is something he would like to do every time hes in the tub. And this time there wasn't any grunting to alert me to the ensuing turd patrol. Just all of a sudden there they were floating in the tub! Sean almost sat right down on one but I hoisted him out of the tub and placed him on my lap, this time on his belly. This way I could check for cling-ons.. Again this is just WAY too much fun!!

"What are you looking at?!"

"Hmm, now where did I put the blueprints for my secret hideout?"

"I believe I ought to go investigate what manner of things are in the kitchen."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let Them Have Cake

Today was Michael's birthday party. He turned 2 years old! We were invited to the party, I was wondering what Sean would think of birthday presents and all the hub bub and of course, cake. Sean was quite taken by the whole idea of presents, he watched intently while Michael and his mommy opened his gifts. Sean enjoyed playing with most of Michael's presents, especially the trucks. Then it was cake time, yummmy! I figured that I would just pick off bits of my cake to see what Sean thought of it...much to my chagin Sean decided he would like to try the icing instead. He promptly plopped his chubby little hand right on top of my piece of cake and grabbed as much icing as he could..and it was quite a bit. He smooshed it in one hand and then both hands and then all over his face. From ear to ear there was icing, from nose to chin there was icing and it wasn't long before there was icing on mommy's arms, watch and pants! Yeah, so icing was a hit. What wasn't such a hit was having mommy wipe all the yummy goodness off of his face. He had had enough party, presents, cake and hub bub by this point. Which was sad for me because I had just opened my can of Pepsi...I love Pepsi. Sean was tired though and it was past his usual bed time routine so we headed home to get some supper in him, a bath over him (a much needed bath I might add) and tucked safely into bed. Needless to say it did not take him long at all to fall asleep, he had a good time at the party! The saddest part about this is that our camera wouldn't work, so I have no good shots of Sean smearing cake and icing all over his little face. So instead, here are some new and old pics of some of Sean's eating adventures. Enjoy!

Sneaky little cheerio boy strikes again!

Yummy, yummy brocoli!

First time with rice cereal, looks tempting doesn't it?!

And the piece de la resistance...peas...blech!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Quick Note

Sean is so funny. He brought one of his favourite toys over to me this afternoon, it's his Fisher Price Town Hall. He wanted to play but was tired of my usual schtick (which was poke my fingers through the garage door and say nonsense words). So I opted for a bit more fun. I took one of the little toy people and made them go up the elevator to the roof and from there the little person jumped up on the roof and then proceeded to slide down it and finished off their little trip by being flung through the garage door. Sean thought this was the absolute most hysterical thing he had ever seen! He laughed and laughed.

Sean is such an interesting little guy. He has a little book called Baby's First Book of Hymns. It's a board book and he really loves it. I've sat with him on my lap and sung each little hymn many times over and over again. Well, today we had Abby over and they were playing. At one point Sean was off puttering around and I was sitting with Abby and noticed the book was open to Away in a Manger, so I started singing it. I happened to look up at Sean and he had this quizzical look on his face, then he walked right over to the book and started looking at it! How cool is that?! I sang some of the other songs in there and Sean tried his best to do his own humming along. Pretty cute. I suppose he may have been on his way over there anyways but I thought it was pretty interesting.

Sean is getting pretty good with picking up different toys when I ask him. He loves getting his teddy bear which he likes to call Tedun. He smiles gleefully when he picks him up and smooshes him into his face.

"Top o' the mornin' to ya!"

"Start spreading the news..."

Checking out the shapes!

Okay, so he has a while before he fits well in this one!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Couple New Big Firsts for Sean and Me

I had read about this happening, that kids will do this and really quite enjoy it. I thought, nope not my little fella, I live a blessed life don't you know?! Oh how little I really knew became all too apparent last night.

I plunked Sean down in the tub and he, being Sean was ecstatic about being in the water and began splashing about and getting everything wet. So far nothing all that out of the ordinary. Then he stands up, also not that exciting...then he starts grunting..okay so this is new, doesn't normally grunt in the tub...And then, well to say the least I was flabbergasted...Right then and there my sweet, wonderful little boy...pooped!! Boy did he poop. After the third turd hit the water I scooped Sean up and put him in my lap. This seemed a reasonable and smart thing to do...I was soon to be thankful that I had a towel on my lap as mister still had some remenants on his behind...I had no idea what I should do next. Do I deal with the poop first or get Sean into bed? I opted with putting Sean to bed 'cause I still wasn't all that sure of what to do about the poop. Quickly I got Sean to bed and came up with my plan for the floaters. I decided to put on my rubber gloves as well as grab a ziplock baggy to snag the little turds and plop them in the toilet. Oh, what an exciting life I lead. Once all turds were safely flushed away I got busy with the serious disinfecting of the tub and Sean's toys. Fun, fun, fun!

Sean's other big first came at nap time. We had been sitting on the floor munching on some cheerios and I said to Sean, "Its nap time Sean." So he gets up, wanders over to our door and taps on it and says, "Nigh, nigh". So cute.

Would you believe that the little guy has yet another tooth!! This would be his fifth. I didn't even realize he was teething, until I fed him his lunch today and there was another little white pearl peeking from his gums!

Sean also seems to be showing some signs of stranger anxiety. Yesterday we were down in the laundry room when our land lord stepped in to chat. Sean had been just wandering about, but when Gerry came in Sean scooted right over to me and pushed himself as far into my legs as he could go. He also wouldn't let go of my pantleg. I was a little concerned at first that he wouldn't go to other people, but my fears were soon put to rest as he went happily to the nursery during Bible study this morning. Yay!

Another fun first is that Sean will now bring his toy or book over to you so that you'll play with him or read him his story. I love this! Its so much fun to play toys with him and see how happy it makes him. He really seems to enjoy his books too. Oh wow, I just asked him to pick something up off the floor and bring it to me..and he did!! This is so much fun, to see them grow up and understand...I know, this will all probably change when he becomes a teenager! ;)

"Well, looks like you forgot to get this one in the laundry Mom."

"I'm a big kid now!"

"I'm just pretending that I'm enjoying this brocoli, I actually would rather drop it all on the floor than eat it."

"Look Mommy, I'm using your exercise mat!"..harumph probably the most activity that mat has seen in awhile!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Sweet Baby Boy

Oh my stars, this boy is just too cute! Yesterday he proved without a doubt that he is his father's son. He was happily playing in the hallway when he up and walked into the wall. Apparently Marko did this at least once when he was a little fella. Although in Marko's circumstance, he had just gotten home and was so excited that he ran into the wall. I'm hoping Sean doesn't make a habit out of this! I'm also hoping that he will soon tire of trying to pry things apart with his mouth! He managed to get two protective coverings off of the screws in Marko's nightstand today! Also he seems to have a penchant for trying to eat shoes. In particular he has developed a taste for Bonnie's shoes. Everytime she comes over, without fail, after she has stepped out of her shoes, Sean is bustling over to get at least one of them into his mouth!

He was super sweet at bedtime tonight. He played around as usual and was just crawling over me, when he looked up into my eyes and I said "Thank you Sean". At this, Sean put one arm across me, his little head pressed up against my chest and the other arm against my arm. He stayed like that for some time and then pulled back to look me in the eyes again so I thanked him again. He softly put his head back down and held me a little longer...I'm not sure why saying thank you moves Sean into snuggling mode, its kinda funny really. He won't do it all the time either. You have to catch him looking right into your eyes and give a very sincere thank you and then he becomes the Cuddler. After cuddling, he settled in to finish his bottle and then it was bedtime. I scooped him up and brought him to his crib and said "Night, night Sean." And you know what he said?...Nigh, nigh...I love him so much!

The beginnings of milk moustache..and what appears to be a goatee?!

"I love my teddy!!"

My little bookworm.

Happy Birthday Grammy Peric

Happy Birthday on Vimeo

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Just Using My Butt Strength"

Sean's First Shot at Cow's Milk

More About Marko's Birthday

So for celebration of Marko's 31st Birthday, we went out for supper. Thank you to Mike for babysitting Sean for us while we were out filling our faces. We went to The Gahan House for our meal. I had never been there. It was pretty nice. The food was great, I had the fish n' chips in a paper bag (yes, it does actually come in a brown paper bag... on a plate of course) and Marko had the pasta special. We both really enjoyed our meals...our server on the other hand wasn't so great. Maybe it was because of where she sat us, maybe it was because we didn't make a reservation (we figured its Tuesday how busy is it going to be?!) or maybe she didn't like us or maybe she needed a refresher course on how to serve people...whatever the reason she had this odd way of just bending toward our table, rather than actually stopping at our table to talk to us. Now, that said she did actually stand in front of us to take our order and take our plates away. Still, we found it just a wee bit unnerving to have her just sorta hang her head in our general direction, ask us about our food, and then take off again. About the only time she seemed genuinely pleased with our existence was when we were leaving...Maybe she thought that since we were paying with a gift card that we had that much more cash to lavish on her for a tip...nope we did not..we did tip her, just not that much. The gift card is still that same one we used to go to PD on our anniversary. And get this, we still have at least 8 bucks left on it!! Yay, for the gift card that just keeps on giving!!

Marko and his (ahem) half eaten birthday cake...I got it yesterday and we treated ourselves to a couple slices last night...sooooo yummmy!!

Today is Marko's Birthday!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday! He is all of 31 now! What a sweetie.
Looky how cute he was as a baby!! Now I know where Sean gets it!

Yes, Marko is 31 and I'm so blessed by him. He has been and continues to be the most wonderful husband! He listens to me when I bellyache, he laughs at me when I do really stupid things, which makes me laugh too. He holds me when I need him. He helps me with whatever may need being done, be it a dirty diaper to change, dishes to dry or garbage to take out. He works hard to provide for his little family. He tells me he loves me and that I'm precious to him. He is a wonderful father and I could go on and on about how wonderful my husband is but that could get a little mushy...I love you Marko, Happy Birthday!

My two fellas.

Monday, November 06, 2006

This Boy is Just Too Cute

Sean is just too adorable for his own good. Yesterday I sat down on the floor with him and he decided it was time to wrestle. He pushed and laughed as I toppled over and he crawled up on me and laughed some more. It was great fun for both of us. Later that evening we were all on our bed and Sean was crawling between Marko and I when he spied my foot and he started to chuckle. So I brought my foot over to him and tickled his little belly, he laughed and laughed. I did it some more, he laughed even harder. Marko tried tickling him with his fingers, nothing. Not even a smirk would Sean give, but if I came over and tickled his armpit with my toes, oh how he'd giggle!

So cute!!

Should also mention, today it snowed. Actually, it's still snowing. It's more of a flurry than anything..still it's snow...eeek.

Sean in his relaxed pose.

Sean, all ready to rumble!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

11 Months Later!

I can hardly believe that it has already been 11 months!! Wow!! Now, what new and wonderful things can I tell you about Sean?? Hmmm, lets see..
Well, he has just figured out that the side of the bath tub is a great place to make really wet sounding fart noises..always delightful..
He will grunt and push his little belly out if you don't let him at least see whatever it is you have...I'm hoping that this won't turn into temper tantrums later on...
He thinks its hilarious when you hit your head with something...this is great for distraction...I try to pick things that won't hurt, like his wipes container.
He loves to walk everywhere...If hes going anywhere he is most likely walking there.
Thankfully, we have him back in his usual bedtime routine, the hour difference didn't mess him up all that much.(Phew) I'm very happy to have him in bed by 6! Which if you're wondering, puts him waking up anywhere around 6:30-7:30
He likes to hold his bottle by himself.
He loves to boogie to his tunes. Currently I'm trying to get him to boogie to Abba tunes.
His favourite food is cheerios, dude would eat these all day if I let him.
He still loves to play Peek-a-Boo

Hmmm, looks like someone found something to eat off the floor...

"You don't have to help me Mommy, I've got it all under control."

"Plastic rings are the ultimate in chew toys!"

Our little plumber.

Still crazy about playing Peek-a-Boo.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Discoveries

Sean has been making some exciting new discoveries. First, he's quite thrilled that he is able to put doggie on the end tables and take him off again. Sean likes to get up on his tip toes and jigger with door knobs..who knows how long I have before he figures out how to get them open. He has made the painful discovery that biting one's tongue whether accidental or otherwise, really hurts!! He has a new game he likes to play in the bath tub. He takes one of his plastic balls and puts it on the little ledge at the back of the tub and cries out gleefully as the ball splashes down into the water at his feet. He loves to drop things, just to see what happens. He'll drop whatever is for breakfast, lunch or supper to see it drop to the floor. He especially likes to let the odd cheerio take a fall here and there throughout his meal. When he's playing on our bed he likes to take my pillows and throw them on the floor and then wave at them! If you click your tongue, he'll click his too. He likes to eat whatever mommy is eating, he's had some banana muffin, lemonade (I was surprised when he wanted more), a bit of ice cream, he tried to snag some coffee but I'm just not ready for him to sample this yet. Oh and he likes iced tea.
He loves to play with anything that isn't a toy; paper, tape cases, dvds, cds, cabinet doors, etc.

" I love this paper, Mommy! I think I'll use it as a cape and be Super Man!"

"But I don't wanna wear a hat!"

"Mommy, I think you put ice cubes in my bath!!"