Sunday, November 05, 2006

11 Months Later!

I can hardly believe that it has already been 11 months!! Wow!! Now, what new and wonderful things can I tell you about Sean?? Hmmm, lets see..
Well, he has just figured out that the side of the bath tub is a great place to make really wet sounding fart noises..always delightful..
He will grunt and push his little belly out if you don't let him at least see whatever it is you have...I'm hoping that this won't turn into temper tantrums later on...
He thinks its hilarious when you hit your head with something...this is great for distraction...I try to pick things that won't hurt, like his wipes container.
He loves to walk everywhere...If hes going anywhere he is most likely walking there.
Thankfully, we have him back in his usual bedtime routine, the hour difference didn't mess him up all that much.(Phew) I'm very happy to have him in bed by 6! Which if you're wondering, puts him waking up anywhere around 6:30-7:30
He likes to hold his bottle by himself.
He loves to boogie to his tunes. Currently I'm trying to get him to boogie to Abba tunes.
His favourite food is cheerios, dude would eat these all day if I let him.
He still loves to play Peek-a-Boo

Hmmm, looks like someone found something to eat off the floor...

"You don't have to help me Mommy, I've got it all under control."

"Plastic rings are the ultimate in chew toys!"

Our little plumber.

Still crazy about playing Peek-a-Boo.

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