Thursday, November 30, 2006

Climbing to New Heights

More fun for Sean and more anxiety for Mommy! Sean climbed up on my steamer trunk this afternoon. He was very pleased with himself and his new view of my office. He was quite taken with the Dust buster and the vaccuum while he was there. So now everything is here for Sean to climb on. He is desperately attempting to hoist his little body onto the couches any chance he gets. He tries to climb out of the tub too. Can't leave this little guy by himself for a second, who knows where I might find him next!

Sean has developed a bit of shyness for strangers. He gets upset when I leave him in the Nursery at church but that only lasts until one of the ladies gives him a toy to play with. This afternoon Sharon came in to drop something off and Sean was all interested in who was at the door. I think he suspected it was Abby and Bonnie ready to play. So when he saw Sharon he was a little shy and instead of coming into the hallway he turned right around to head back into the living room... Unfortunately he ran right into the back of the couch. He sorta bounced back and landed on the floor. How embarassing! Poor little guy. I picked him up and brought him over to Sharon and she fussed over him and that made everything all right again.

"Mommy, did you make a stinky, cause it smells funny in here!"

" I, the Amazing Sean conquered the Trunk of Great Mysteries!"

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janice said...

LOL! Julia climbs on everything too - even her books and toys! we have to watch her constantly.