Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Couple New Big Firsts for Sean and Me

I had read about this happening, that kids will do this and really quite enjoy it. I thought, nope not my little fella, I live a blessed life don't you know?! Oh how little I really knew became all too apparent last night.

I plunked Sean down in the tub and he, being Sean was ecstatic about being in the water and began splashing about and getting everything wet. So far nothing all that out of the ordinary. Then he stands up, also not that exciting...then he starts grunting..okay so this is new, doesn't normally grunt in the tub...And then, well to say the least I was flabbergasted...Right then and there my sweet, wonderful little boy...pooped!! Boy did he poop. After the third turd hit the water I scooped Sean up and put him in my lap. This seemed a reasonable and smart thing to do...I was soon to be thankful that I had a towel on my lap as mister still had some remenants on his behind...I had no idea what I should do next. Do I deal with the poop first or get Sean into bed? I opted with putting Sean to bed 'cause I still wasn't all that sure of what to do about the poop. Quickly I got Sean to bed and came up with my plan for the floaters. I decided to put on my rubber gloves as well as grab a ziplock baggy to snag the little turds and plop them in the toilet. Oh, what an exciting life I lead. Once all turds were safely flushed away I got busy with the serious disinfecting of the tub and Sean's toys. Fun, fun, fun!

Sean's other big first came at nap time. We had been sitting on the floor munching on some cheerios and I said to Sean, "Its nap time Sean." So he gets up, wanders over to our door and taps on it and says, "Nigh, nigh". So cute.

Would you believe that the little guy has yet another tooth!! This would be his fifth. I didn't even realize he was teething, until I fed him his lunch today and there was another little white pearl peeking from his gums!

Sean also seems to be showing some signs of stranger anxiety. Yesterday we were down in the laundry room when our land lord stepped in to chat. Sean had been just wandering about, but when Gerry came in Sean scooted right over to me and pushed himself as far into my legs as he could go. He also wouldn't let go of my pantleg. I was a little concerned at first that he wouldn't go to other people, but my fears were soon put to rest as he went happily to the nursery during Bible study this morning. Yay!

Another fun first is that Sean will now bring his toy or book over to you so that you'll play with him or read him his story. I love this! Its so much fun to play toys with him and see how happy it makes him. He really seems to enjoy his books too. Oh wow, I just asked him to pick something up off the floor and bring it to me..and he did!! This is so much fun, to see them grow up and understand...I know, this will all probably change when he becomes a teenager! ;)

"Well, looks like you forgot to get this one in the laundry Mom."

"I'm a big kid now!"

"I'm just pretending that I'm enjoying this brocoli, I actually would rather drop it all on the floor than eat it."

"Look Mommy, I'm using your exercise mat!"..harumph probably the most activity that mat has seen in awhile!

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