Sunday, November 26, 2006

Keeping Sean Busy

Just found a new game that keeps Sean busy for at least a little while. He loves his little plastic truck and he'll bring it to me so that I can make the "vroom, vroom" noises and push the truck about. This afternoon as I was sitting cross legged on the floor, Sean brought his truck over. I decided to push the truck around my back and Sean decided to give chase. So the truck came around my front and so did Sean, the truck circled behind me, quickly followed by Sean. We kept going around and around until Sean started getting frustrated. I stopped and let him get it. He was mighty pleased at that point! Marko and I both thought it was kinda funny.

Today Sean managed to conquer going up our stairs! Quite the feat when you factor in the little bits of gravel on the steps. Needless to say I gave him a good dusting off at the top of the steps. Note to self, must clean steps!

Some other fun Sean tid bits: Sean was ever so helpful this morning by getting his slippers to put on when I asked him. Well, he could only reach one of them so when he decided the other one was out of reach he went for one of his shoes. When I asked him if it was nap time he headed off to his room and let Daddy put him to bed! Mind you, he didn't fall asleep right away. Sean has a favorite book, its called "Disney's Winnie the Pooh Here Comes Winter!" He'll pull this one off the bookshelf and plunk himself down on my lap. So I'll read the Reader Digest Condensed version so as not to lose his attention. We'll finish the book and he'll go on his way but he'll come back and want to listen to it again.

Here are some photos of Sean in his winter jacket that Grammie Peric bought him.

Might just be a tad on the big size yet but he looks so cute in it!

The hood sure makes him look taller!

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