Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let Them Have Cake

Today was Michael's birthday party. He turned 2 years old! We were invited to the party, I was wondering what Sean would think of birthday presents and all the hub bub and of course, cake. Sean was quite taken by the whole idea of presents, he watched intently while Michael and his mommy opened his gifts. Sean enjoyed playing with most of Michael's presents, especially the trucks. Then it was cake time, yummmy! I figured that I would just pick off bits of my cake to see what Sean thought of it...much to my chagin Sean decided he would like to try the icing instead. He promptly plopped his chubby little hand right on top of my piece of cake and grabbed as much icing as he could..and it was quite a bit. He smooshed it in one hand and then both hands and then all over his face. From ear to ear there was icing, from nose to chin there was icing and it wasn't long before there was icing on mommy's arms, watch and pants! Yeah, so icing was a hit. What wasn't such a hit was having mommy wipe all the yummy goodness off of his face. He had had enough party, presents, cake and hub bub by this point. Which was sad for me because I had just opened my can of Pepsi...I love Pepsi. Sean was tired though and it was past his usual bed time routine so we headed home to get some supper in him, a bath over him (a much needed bath I might add) and tucked safely into bed. Needless to say it did not take him long at all to fall asleep, he had a good time at the party! The saddest part about this is that our camera wouldn't work, so I have no good shots of Sean smearing cake and icing all over his little face. So instead, here are some new and old pics of some of Sean's eating adventures. Enjoy!

Sneaky little cheerio boy strikes again!

Yummy, yummy brocoli!

First time with rice cereal, looks tempting doesn't it?!

And the piece de la resistance...peas...blech!

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