Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More About Marko's Birthday

So for celebration of Marko's 31st Birthday, we went out for supper. Thank you to Mike for babysitting Sean for us while we were out filling our faces. We went to The Gahan House for our meal. I had never been there. It was pretty nice. The food was great, I had the fish n' chips in a paper bag (yes, it does actually come in a brown paper bag... on a plate of course) and Marko had the pasta special. We both really enjoyed our meals...our server on the other hand wasn't so great. Maybe it was because of where she sat us, maybe it was because we didn't make a reservation (we figured its Tuesday how busy is it going to be?!) or maybe she didn't like us or maybe she needed a refresher course on how to serve people...whatever the reason she had this odd way of just bending toward our table, rather than actually stopping at our table to talk to us. Now, that said she did actually stand in front of us to take our order and take our plates away. Still, we found it just a wee bit unnerving to have her just sorta hang her head in our general direction, ask us about our food, and then take off again. About the only time she seemed genuinely pleased with our existence was when we were leaving...Maybe she thought that since we were paying with a gift card that we had that much more cash to lavish on her for a tip...nope we did not..we did tip her, just not that much. The gift card is still that same one we used to go to PD on our anniversary. And get this, we still have at least 8 bucks left on it!! Yay, for the gift card that just keeps on giving!!

Marko and his (ahem) half eaten birthday cake...I got it yesterday and we treated ourselves to a couple slices last night...sooooo yummmy!!

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