Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Sweet Baby Boy

Oh my stars, this boy is just too cute! Yesterday he proved without a doubt that he is his father's son. He was happily playing in the hallway when he up and walked into the wall. Apparently Marko did this at least once when he was a little fella. Although in Marko's circumstance, he had just gotten home and was so excited that he ran into the wall. I'm hoping Sean doesn't make a habit out of this! I'm also hoping that he will soon tire of trying to pry things apart with his mouth! He managed to get two protective coverings off of the screws in Marko's nightstand today! Also he seems to have a penchant for trying to eat shoes. In particular he has developed a taste for Bonnie's shoes. Everytime she comes over, without fail, after she has stepped out of her shoes, Sean is bustling over to get at least one of them into his mouth!

He was super sweet at bedtime tonight. He played around as usual and was just crawling over me, when he looked up into my eyes and I said "Thank you Sean". At this, Sean put one arm across me, his little head pressed up against my chest and the other arm against my arm. He stayed like that for some time and then pulled back to look me in the eyes again so I thanked him again. He softly put his head back down and held me a little longer...I'm not sure why saying thank you moves Sean into snuggling mode, its kinda funny really. He won't do it all the time either. You have to catch him looking right into your eyes and give a very sincere thank you and then he becomes the Cuddler. After cuddling, he settled in to finish his bottle and then it was bedtime. I scooped him up and brought him to his crib and said "Night, night Sean." And you know what he said?...Nigh, nigh...I love him so much!

The beginnings of milk moustache..and what appears to be a goatee?!

"I love my teddy!!"

My little bookworm.

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