Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Discoveries

Sean has been making some exciting new discoveries. First, he's quite thrilled that he is able to put doggie on the end tables and take him off again. Sean likes to get up on his tip toes and jigger with door knobs..who knows how long I have before he figures out how to get them open. He has made the painful discovery that biting one's tongue whether accidental or otherwise, really hurts!! He has a new game he likes to play in the bath tub. He takes one of his plastic balls and puts it on the little ledge at the back of the tub and cries out gleefully as the ball splashes down into the water at his feet. He loves to drop things, just to see what happens. He'll drop whatever is for breakfast, lunch or supper to see it drop to the floor. He especially likes to let the odd cheerio take a fall here and there throughout his meal. When he's playing on our bed he likes to take my pillows and throw them on the floor and then wave at them! If you click your tongue, he'll click his too. He likes to eat whatever mommy is eating, he's had some banana muffin, lemonade (I was surprised when he wanted more), a bit of ice cream, he tried to snag some coffee but I'm just not ready for him to sample this yet. Oh and he likes iced tea.
He loves to play with anything that isn't a toy; paper, tape cases, dvds, cds, cabinet doors, etc.

" I love this paper, Mommy! I think I'll use it as a cape and be Super Man!"

"But I don't wanna wear a hat!"

"Mommy, I think you put ice cubes in my bath!!"

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janice said...

Soooo funny! and those pics are awesome! :)