Monday, November 06, 2006

This Boy is Just Too Cute

Sean is just too adorable for his own good. Yesterday I sat down on the floor with him and he decided it was time to wrestle. He pushed and laughed as I toppled over and he crawled up on me and laughed some more. It was great fun for both of us. Later that evening we were all on our bed and Sean was crawling between Marko and I when he spied my foot and he started to chuckle. So I brought my foot over to him and tickled his little belly, he laughed and laughed. I did it some more, he laughed even harder. Marko tried tickling him with his fingers, nothing. Not even a smirk would Sean give, but if I came over and tickled his armpit with my toes, oh how he'd giggle!

So cute!!

Should also mention, today it snowed. Actually, it's still snowing. It's more of a flurry than anything..still it's snow...eeek.

Sean in his relaxed pose.

Sean, all ready to rumble!!


Mike said...

Snow in your part of the world? Hmm. I'm jealous. My 3-year old and I are waiting for the snow so we could do snow fight all day long.


Anonymous said...

Sean is getting to be so big. I can't wait to see him.
Grammie Peric