Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is Just WAY too much Fun!!

Brining up a little one is beyond fun! Its down right crazy!! I mean, it is so exciting to watch them do something for the first time. But then there are the other times that you start thinking, wow this never happened when we were just a married couple. In the first instance, it was quite exciting to watch Sean tackle the stairs at the Chapel this past Sunday. We live in a basement apartment so there aren't any stairs for him to practice on. The stairs that lead down to our apartment are inside the garage and we have a gravel driveway. This means that there is plenty of bits of driveway on our stairs, not exactly the optimal climbing environment. Also it is fun to watch Sean dance, or should I say march on the spot. He just started doing this, I hope to catch it on video soon! He's also gotten the knack of dragging things backwards. He'll walk his Fisher Price walker forwards and then back, over and over again. Another funny bit is how he'll try to feed me his cheerios at meal times. Sometimes he'll let me have one and other times just as I'm leaning in to take it, he pops it in his own mouth! He also has mastered the art of drinking through a straw! Way cool!

Now for the stuff that didn't happen when were "just" married. No one ever pooped in the tub! I really don't know what to think of this. I hope Sean isn't thinking that this is something he would like to do every time hes in the tub. And this time there wasn't any grunting to alert me to the ensuing turd patrol. Just all of a sudden there they were floating in the tub! Sean almost sat right down on one but I hoisted him out of the tub and placed him on my lap, this time on his belly. This way I could check for cling-ons.. Again this is just WAY too much fun!!

"What are you looking at?!"

"Hmm, now where did I put the blueprints for my secret hideout?"

"I believe I ought to go investigate what manner of things are in the kitchen."


janice said...

just way toooo cute!!!!

Stephanie (Shire) said...

Ha ha, it sounds like Sean understands that the turds go into a porcelain water-filled place - - he's just got the wrong one! :P I'm sure he'll get it right soon enough. What a cutey he is. :)