Monday, November 27, 2006

Time to Backtrack

I thought it might be interesting to share what it was like when we found out that I was pregnant.

I had suspected that I was pregnant before we took the home pregnancy test. I had been out with some friends at a restaurant and about half way through the meal I went to the bathroom and started gagging. This was not a normal occurance. I wasn't feeling bad either, just felt like I had to gag. After that fun event, I decided it was time to pick up the home pregnancy test. Marko was a little shocked and asked if I thought we really needed that yet. I said yes! Shoppers was having a sale on them and we got 2 tests, always fun to confirm and reconfirm! So on the night of March 29th we did the test and of course it was positive! We hardly knew what to say. We just kept looking at the lines and mummbling "Wow, we're pregnant!" Just to be doubley sure I took the test again in the morning...still pregnant! We were so excited! We called my folks and let them know and they were quite elated at the thought of being grand parents! Marko emailed his family a rather cryptic message about our latest discovery.

Now here is the fun part!! As a part of our social life we we would get together with our friends at Brian and Bonnie's place to watch the Amazing Race. This was a time of fun, chatting and discussing which team would be next to be eliminated. Well, on the evening of April 5th, Brian and Bonnie announced that they were pregnant, our friends were ecstatic! So I asked Bonnie when she was due and then said "Cool, cause we're due November 30th!!" Well, you could've knocked our friends over with a feather after that one! We were all talking at once by that point and no longer cared who would be last in the Amazing Race. We were now on our own amazing race!

(The only reason I remember the particular dates is because I kept a journal. I'm thankful to have it today. It's interesting to reread my thoughts about the pregnancy and life in general at that time.)

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