Friday, December 08, 2006

And The Winner Is...

Drumroll please!!!

Gramma Hope and Grammy Peric!!

Yes, it would seem the grammas have the intuition about their little grandson. My mom was off by 2 ounces and half an inch, while Marko's mom was spot on with the height and off by a pound. Since they were both ohhh soo close I felt they both deserved the prize!! They will both be receiving their very own $5.00 gift certificate to Tim Hortons!! Wooo Hooo!!! Congratulations to you both! Grammy Peric, I'm just going to hold onto yours until you get back from Cyprus. Gramma Hope yours will be in the mail soon!

So in case you're wondering the official stats on Sean are: 28 lbs 2oz, and 30.5 inches tall!

I want to thank everyone for their participation. It was great to have all the guesses in there. I also must thank Brian and Bonnie again for being such die hard competitors! Love the comments!! Too funny!! I hope that today's outcome appeases your wrath over Marko's involvement in the contest?! ;)

Have a great weekend everybody!


Bonnie & Brian said...

Man, all that cheating and inside info and Marko still didn't win. That's pretty sad.

Marko said...

Cheating? Cheating??! I think not. Measuring the height of one cabinet that Sean has been taller than for like two months is hardly cheating. Besides, how do we know that you didn't have Sean stand on your bathroom scales while you were babysitting today? Hmm?

Okay, so you posted your guess yesterday, and you were like two pounds off anyway, but still. You could have. So there. I guess.