Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas is Really Here!!

Wow, its like way early on Christmas Eve day and I am so excited!! Marko's Mom and Sister arrived here on Thursday and we've been having a great time just catching up and getting ready for Christmas. I'm so super glad that they made it home for Christmas! Their luggage (well 2 out of 3 pieces) finally made it to Charlottetown today!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! I had to work early and late and that was okay, I really enjoy working with my elderly couple. They have a lot of fun teasing each other and me so we get along really well. After work we headed home to get things ready to go caroling and have people in afterwards. Unfortunately it was raining a wee bit so the turn out wasn't great but those that were able to make it, made the most of this exciting experience. I must admit that I have never before gone caroling and I was somewhat nervous about doing it. I shouldn't have been because it was just really fun to do. We were an interesting sight to behold, there were Marko and I with Sean in the stroller, Shawn and Haley with Olivia in a stroller and their two boys, Lukas and Sylas bouncing along beside them, and Linda was right there in the midst of it. The children were great. Lukas would pick out a few tunes for us to sing and ring the doorbells. Sylas was candy greeter. Olivia and Sean were the super cuteness factor. Sean was so good throughout the experience. I was so proud of him! The people who opened their doors seemed genuinely happy to have us if not a wee bit surprised. I can't wait to do this again!

After caroling we all hung out in our apartment for some refreshments. It was soon time for Sean to have supper and go to bed. We quickly settled him to bed and then Marko and I desperatley had to head out to do some serious last minute shopping. We were both somewhat dreading this as we figured the malls and such would be complete mayhem but it was a necessary evil, so we headed out. But before we got out the door, Shawn presented us with a fresh turkey donated by a couple from a church! Woo Hoo! We had already bought our bird, but this Turkey could've had ours for it's lunch!

Anyways back to our outing. We stopped at Pizza Delight and were happy to see how quiet it was there. We had a lovely meal and set out to conquer our last minute shopping. We headed straight for the mall and had no problem getting a good parking space! Inside was even better, there was no crowd, no lines and LOTS of clearence items!! We had the best last minute shopping experience ever! We got everything we needed and stayed within our budget!! How awesome is that?!

When we got home Shawn and Hayley were still there chatting with Marko's mom and sister. I was thrilled about that 'cause we hadn't really been able to visit with them and I'm always excited to be a part of grown up talk!

So, yes I can now finally say that I'm ready for Christmas...oh dear...just remembered that I should probably wrap some last minute presents that I bought at the last minute...Oh dear...

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