Monday, December 11, 2006

Forgot to Thank a Few People

Yes, I wanted to thank Great Auntie Bernie and my friend Mary for their completely unexpected but totally appreciated birthday cards for Sean! They were so sweet! I should also mention a bit about Mary...See I met Mary at Mount A. She is one of the zaniest people I have ever met. And whenever we got together there would be much silliness and a whole lot of giggling much to our choir director's chagrin. Anywho, since our Mount A days, Mary has moved to England and started her own sweet little family. So imagine my surprise when I opened her card to find Canadian currency staring back at me!! How'd she do that I wondered..funny how other countries have banks and other such places where you can exchange money! I can be such a freak sometimes!

Sean is looking into what it would be like to live life as a turtle.

"Man, is it ever good to see you here today!"

Yeah, I'm not really sure what this was in aid of, but pretty funny looking, don't you think?

Sean on his basket throne.

"Oh, I love psgetti mom!"

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Amanda said...

LOL! I had forgotten about Mary... (grin). Seems like such a long, long time ago....