Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Fun Evening

Okay, this boy is just too funny. Tonight at bathtime, Sean grabbed his biggest rubber duckie and placed it on top of the tub faucet. I'm not sure if he was preaching to it, teaching it to dance or what exactly but there was a lot of jabbering, hand waving and bopping up and down at the duckie. The duckie for it's part could only sit and watch in horror as Sean scooped him up and put him in his mouth for the finale.

After putting Sean to bed, Jennie and I went to see the Christmas Cantata at Grace Baptist Church. It was really good. It was great to go there and see so many friends! Afterwards, Jennie and I got some coffee at Tims and then drove around town looking at all the pretty Christmas lights. Now, if you happen to be living or visiting the Charlottetown area over Christmas, you simply must visit what I shall affectionately name the 97.1 house! Our friend Matt mentioned to go see this place. I'm so glad that he did, cause it is so freaking amazing! The owner has lights all over his lawn and house and has them timed to flash in time to some music that he has playing on the radio station 97.1 FM. This is a definite must see! To get there, just head for the Charlottetown airport on Brakley Point road and turn unto MacLean Ave. From there turn right on Canon Dr. You can't miss it, really you can't! We had a bonus feature when we were there. There was a van parked in front of us with like 4 or 5 nine year old boys. They were just rocking it out in the van. Then they got out of the van and continued to dance up a storm. Then the music went sorta slow, so the one little fella grabbed the other and tried to force him to slow dance. It was hysterical!

Here are some super cute bedtime pictures of Sean:

"I'm looking over a..ah, this ain't no four leaf clover."

"And this is my hand, Mommy!" I've been trying to teach Sean his body parts, he seems to know where his ear is but his nose, well at least he knows its on his face.

Our little sweetie pie!

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