Friday, December 29, 2006

Have You Ever Played Pit?!

Last night Marko and I and Linda were invited to the MacDougall's for Chili and games. Marko and I were the second couple to arrive, Dan and Andrea were there first setting things up. Amanda and Joel and Linda came afterwards and we got right into eating Chili and it was delicious. After stuffing our faces we decided to get into the games. I had never played Pit before and wasn't sure what to think of it. But now that I've played it, I'm totally addicted. It's a great card game where there are no turns and everyone yells at once. A game, I'm sure the Hopes would enjoy ;) The best part was that I won four rounds in a row! I so want our own Pit game! Oh, and did I mention the spoons? Yeah, ya get to grab a spoon too. Ultimate fun time! Later the MacLeods and Cuthills arrived so we played a rousing game of What If, where we pondered the possibilities of what could happen in close encounters of flatulence among other things.

Tonight was a different kind of fun. We had a bunch of good friends and new good friends in to see Bride and Prejudice. Yes, I did mean to say Bride. It's a Bollywood parody of Pride and Prejudice. And yes, there were men here to watch the flick too. I would have to say that it was really quite an amusing film. In India the films are censored quite a bit and so they don't allow any kissing on screen. You wouldn't think that would matter too awful much except when they get to the most climatic moment in the film and you just know that the two main characters are going to kiss, and then the girl just nuzzles her head under his chin. Very weird. And there were some super cheesy parts too. My favourite was when the guy and gal were walking along the beach and music is playing and you hear singing and all of a sudden they're walking in front of a black choir standing on bleachers in the middle of this beach!!

I must apologize for the lack of pictures. Again something is wrong with our little camera so Marko has to find some time to tinker with it and get it going again. Such fun!

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