Thursday, December 28, 2006

High Five Dude!!

Today Jennie stopped in to drop off some super sweet Christmas chocolates and a cafe mocha! Yummmy! While she was here Sean was his usual charming self. I really think he likes Jennie quite a bit. He would go off and play but then come sauntering back to Jennie and just beam at her! The cutest though, was when Jennie held up her hand and asked Sean for a high five. He smiled and held up his hand and walked over to her and totally high fived her! So I put my hand up and asked for a high five. He turned looked at me, raised his little hand and wandered all the way over to me (his little hand in the air the entire time) and high fived me. What a cutie. We're planning to go over to Nick's a bit later and hopefully we can catch him on video to show you.

We received another Christmas card today! This one was all the way from the UK, from my friend Mary (FREAK). Wow, her little boy Peter has grown so much! What made me the happiest though was reading that she and her family are coming to the Maritimes this summer!! I can't wait to see her!

I also just wanted to wish the Hope family a very Merry Christmas. I don't just mean my mom and dad and sister, but all my aunts and uncles on that side of the family too. I got to thinking about Christmases past and how when we lived in Ontario, the Hopes would usually get together at our place. It was great! Our aunts and uncles are the best! They would humour my sister and I and play all the little games we made up! We loved it! Then we would have dinner and wear those silly looking paper hats!

Now that brings us to more recent Christmases spent in Nova Scotia. And I want to say Merry Christmas to the Wuite family! After the Christmas Eve service my Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly would have us up for really yummy eats and drinks. I remember one year trying deer venison..that wasn't so yummy but the wings totally made up for it! Of course I wish a very Merry Christmas to my Uncle John and Aunt Judy who live all the way out in Alberta too! We never spent Christmas together but always received a phone call! :)

And how could I forget Marko's Dad and Donna who also live way out west. Merry Christmas to you both as well!

Jennie and Sean spending some quality time together.

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freak! said...

Trust it to be late! I really did send it in time - oh well!

I hope to phone you later today and tell you our good news (no, not a baby!). Til then...