Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying a joyful Christmas. We are currently taking a little break as Sean is down for a nap. Perfect time to blog! :)

On Christmas Eve we went to church for the special service in the evening. I was a little concerned how Sean was going to do since he would be up well past his bedtime. I am so happy and proud to report that Sean did amazing! He didn't fuss at all. He was mezmerized by everything, all the pretty lights, the songs and even his Daddy reading at the front of the church. He called out Dada, when Marko began reading, super sweet! We were going to go around looking at Christmas lights but by this time Sean had had all the excitement his little body could hold. So he and I went home and I put him to bed where he went to sleep in a snap. Marko and his mom and sister went around to see the lights. This gave me time to get things cleaned up and prepared for Christmas day.

Gramma and Grampa Hope got Sean a Little Peoples Nativity set and I couldn't find any wrapping paper or a bag big enough for it so I set it up on the living room floor for Sean to enjoy as soon as he got up. He seemed very happy with his new toy and barely wanted to stop playing to have his bottle. We opened our stockings already too. Sean's stocking was full of winter clothes; two toques, mittens and socks with hockey logos on it. Later this morning we will have Marko's mom and sister over and will get into the presents! I can't wait!

Isn't he sweet?! All set to go to the Christmas Eve service.

Sean's nativity set from Gramma and Grampa Hope.


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