Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One Year Ago...

Sean’s Birth Story

Sunday, December 4th I started to have regular contractions. We had Mike and Nancy over that evening to play Settlers and see if our little baby wanted to come that night. Mike and Nancy left around 10 and we tried to go to sleep but the contractions kept coming and I felt that they warranted a trip to the hospital. So 12:00 in the morning we called Mike and Nancy and we headed to the QEH. I was pretty excited to think that this was going to be it, I was going to have my baby. The nurses took us in and evaluated me, boy was I bummed to find out that I was only 2 cms dilated and there wasn’t much they could do for me. They told me I could stay at the hospital and wait and see or I could go home. I opted for home seeing as I wasn’t too keen on spending extra time at the hospital.

Once home we plopped back into bed. I couldn’t sleep. The pain was too much and just kept coming. Marko drifted off, so I went to the living room to just sit and wait and breathe. Around 8 am or so I ran to the bathroom to puke...yuck. I sat back down in the living room and waited till Marko woke up to tell him that I’d really like to go back to the hospital. If not to have the baby, then at least to have some of those wonderful drugs that would at least, let me sleep for awhile. I guess we must have left in a bit of a hurry as we left our apartment door wide open! (Our landlord told us later, this is how they knew that something was happening)

Again the nurses took us in and an evaluation later, I was deemed ready to start the process, I was now 4 cms dilated. They took me to the birthing room (the really nice one) and my own OB/GYN was there to break my water. I was happy to have my own doctor there. I’d had enough different faces looking at me during my pregnancy that it was nice to have one that was familiar. They broke my water around 10 or so and we settled in for some good times. Not long after, I threw up on myself..I was embarrassed, the nurses on the other hand were pretty ecstatic. They told me that this was a great indication that labour was progressing! Woo Hoo, I thought, I don’t feel so bad about puking then.

The contractions continued to intensify and Marko helped me to breathe through them. Between coaching and fetching me ice chips, Marko managed to get a call in to Mike and Nancy to let them know that we were playing for keeps this time. It was wonderful to know that such great friends were waiting just a room away. As the contractions got worse so did my temperament. I tried very hard to be pleasant but by times it was all I could do to relax and breathe through the contractions. Finally one of the nurses asked if I would like an epidural. It was music to my ears, I let out an emphatic "Yes, please!" The nurse was a little shocked and said she didn’t think I’d want one as I was doing so well through the contractions...how little she knew...I desperately needed sleep and wanted to be somewhat pleasant throughout the process. The epidural went wonderfully, I was more than happy as the drugs did their magic and took all the edge off. Of course, it was at this point the nurses mention that maybe I should try to use the washroom. Yeah, that wasn’t happening. They asked me to get up and I looked at my legs and willed them to move..no dice, I wasn’t going anywhere. So happy catheter time it was! I drifted off to sleep some time after. When I awoke the first time, I pleasantly threw up on myself...again. Once again the kind nurse cleaned me, my blankets and my bed. Marko came in with a glass of water and a glass of ice chips. My hero!

We chatted, I told jokes and we had a great time watching the contraction monitor. A nurse would pop in now and again to check my progress, not much was happening, maybe a cm more. It was about lunch time by this point. I felt sleepy again, so Marko went to eat lunch with Mike and Nancy in the waiting room. As I awoke from my second nap I threw up yet again! By this time I felt really bad for the nurse. It would seem that she would just get me all cleaned up and I would puke again. This scene of going to sleep, waking, puking, getting cleaned up and going back to sleep repeated itself several times over. I think in the end I was cleaned up like 7 times!

Anywho, around 7 pm things really started to pick up, so much in fact, it was time to start pushing. Thankfully, they had given me a second epidural and they brought gas. Oh the gas was wonderful! For the pain that the epidural couldn’t get the gas would eradicate quite handily. I was a very happy mama. Marko looked a little worried as I would inhale ever so deeply several times. At one point he actually asked if I needed that much...what a silly question.

After pushing like a mad woman and having one leg get an intense cramp after 2 and a half hours of steady pushing and no gain, it was time to try something different. My doctor presented 3 options to us. 1. We could keep doing what we were doing until something happened. 2. We could have an emergency C-section. or 3. We could do an episiotomy and forceps delivery. Option 1 did not have anything going for it, so we quickly dismissed that one. Option 2, I considered for a moment but felt that it would take longer to get prepped. We went with option 3. Wow, did things ever start to fly then. There were more people skittering about and more tables full of trays of medical equipment. Did you know that they have to put foreceps together? I didn’t know that, was a little freaked out to watch the doctor put the things together. Once everything was in order, it was back to business, more pushing, some searing pain and then the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced, the birth of our precious baby boy.

I could hardly believe that it had happened, our baby was born at 9:58 pm and my husband triumphantly cut the umbilical cord. They wisked Sean away and did all the cleaning up and testing that needed to be done. Marko and I could barely contain ourselves we were so ecstatic. They brought Sean over to me and placed him on my chest. What a marvelous boy, and so heavy too: 9 lbs 5 oz. What a precious little life I held in my hands. Shortly after, they took Sean to the nursery, so Marko went out to share the news of the birth of our baby boy. My mom had managed to get there to share in this awesome event. We were very happy to have her there. Nancy was great and called all our other friends and family to let them know of our wonderful news.

It was nearly a week later that we were able to bring Sean Marius home and we have been blessed by his life ever since. What a marvel a baby is!

This was taken before the epidural. I look so thrilled eh?!

Sean just minutes old.

All warm and cozy in his isolet.

Father and son.

"Is this as good as it gets?"

Mommy and precious baby boy.

"You're my mom? You've got to be kidding me!"

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sean!
It's hard to believe you're one year old today. You're such a big boy already, opening gifts, playing with all manner of toys, enjoying the snow. I'm sorry I missed your party but we'll have loads of birthday/Christmas fun in just a few weeks when I get home at last.

Auntie Linda