Sunday, December 03, 2006

We Survived the Party

Wow, what a day! Lots of fun though! My folks showed up a little after ten, they actually drove over the bridge rather than taking the ferry. This was great since it meant that we got to spend more time with them! We had a lovely time just chatting, eating lunch and watching Sean goof around.

A little after one, Mike and Nancy arrived. I wanted to have some professional family photos done in time for Christmas. Nancy was great and I think we're going to have some great pictures, I can't wait to see them!! Thank you so much Mike and Nancy! Jennie came for 2 and we were all ready for the party. We started with the presents. Sean loved it. He wasn't too into unwrapping stuff but he was all about grabbing things out of bags. He loved the little carpenter's flip bench. In particular, he really liked the hammer. He pretended it was a phone!

Cake time was hilarious as you no doubt saw. So much icing everywhere! Right after Sean had his cake my family had to dash as they were going to take the ferry back to the mainland. Sean was plenty tired by this time. We put him down for a nap and he slept hard! He deserved some good shut eye after all the day's comotion!

Marko and I spent the evening playing with Sean and his new toys. It was a really wonderful day! Thank you all for making it so special!

Sean loves his new Snoopy toy.

Gramma showing Sean how to use the hammer.

Mmmm, yummy squishy cake!

The Birthday Boy in his Birthday Chair. "Which toy should I play with first?!"

Someone's strung out on sugar! This was taken just before bedtime.

All of Sean's presents. Not bad for a first birthday! ;)

Big Hugs from Grampa

"Just try and catch me, Gramma!!"

"I love my Grampa...and my Gramma. I just didn't let her catch me...hehehe"

Hmmm, wonder who loves this car more? Sean or Me?! I'd say ME!! Thanks Auntie Karina!

Sean talking on his hammer phone and working on his puzzle. My little multitasker.

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