Sunday, December 10, 2006

We're Back in Business

Marko has done it once again. He has taken our poor discombomulated little camera, pulled it apart and tinkered with this little bit and that little bit and put it back together, all fixed up!! It's great to have such a handsome and handy husband! *gush*

Anywho, things are getting busy as we head into the Christmas season. I love Christmas! I love all the pretty light displays people put up. One of the traditions Marko and I have is to drive around Charlottetown on Christmas Eve after church just to see all the lights. Living in a basement apartment we don't have much opportunity to put up our own lights.

In other news, Sean is trying out new things. For instance, this afternoon he zerberted (that is to say, he blew a raspberry) on the floor. He did this for quite some time, apparently this is quality fun for him! He also enjoys eating white cheddar kraft dinner.

Lately Sean has decided that the best way to play in the tub is with his bucket on his head! He absolutely loves it! He squeals with delight and tries to poke his tongue through one of the holes. It is so funny to watch!

He is still such a smiley boy. At church he had smiles for everyone. The ladies were commenting on how content he is in the nursery, he has no problem playing with toy after toy until we come down to get him. Another fun tidbit from church, between services (there is one at 9:15 and another at 11:00) there is a fellowship time. There is always plenty to eat and drink at this time. Sean loves to eat the crackers, bits of bread and cheese that we give him. I was holding Sean and talking to my friend Shirley, when Sean leaned over to her and tried to feed her his piece of cheese, all the while there is cheese oozing out of the side of his mouth!

"Check out my train, Mommy!"

"Brocoli for supper again?! YUCK!"

"I don't know whose fault it was, but it certainly wasn't mine!"

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