Sunday, December 31, 2006

What A Sweetheart

This morning during the church service there weren't enough helpers in the nursery so I decided to stay down and help out. Am I ever glad I did because I got to see my little busy boy take a moment to be sweet. There was a little girl that came in and wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. I started talking to her and showing her some toys. Sean just bubbled over to her rested his head against her, hugged her and then grasped her wrists and put them around his little back-so sweet. She seemed happy to meet Sean and they played together for awhile.

In other news, Auntie Linda was the receipient of another new moment from Sean. She was feeding Sean his lunch and he was happily munching away on his cheerios. He grasped one and while holding it out to Auntie Linda he said, "Here." How neat is that?

Now for something completely different, last night Nick, Linda and I went to the PEI Rocket game. (Marko wasn't feeling well) What a blast!! I love going to hockey games and yelling and jumping up when our team scores. Unfortunately the Rocket lost but it was still fun. I think the funniest part was when I was coming back to my seat after visiting a friend of mine between periods. I was just wandering along when I happened to notice the gentleman beside me and he looked so familiar. I quickly realized that I knew him from Ontario but I could not think of his name. I considered not saying anything since I might look like a dork not knowing his name, but I went for it anyways.
So I said to him, "You work in Ontario don't you?"
He looks at me like I have 3 heads, and mumbles, "Umm yeah, I live there."
"Yeah, yeah," I replied, my mind was whirling as I scrambled for some sort of personal connection that he might remember me by.
"Ummm, you're a friend of Jamie MacKay's right?"
"Yeah!" He says happily. Great, now we're getting somewhere!
"Yeah, I used to live in Bowmanville, you know and worked at that horrible Chinese school."
"Ahh" (the light finally came on) "The school from Hell!"
"Yes! Yes, thats the one, you remember. I'm sorry but I can't remember your name."
"Right, Stewart, I'm Laura."
"So, you're here for Christmas?"
"Yep, here until January 7th."
"Cool, cool...hmmm well guess you'd like to get back to your seat."
"Yeah, I think they're starting again."
"Nice to see you."
"You too."
There was a bit more chat about teaching but in a nutshell that was the conversation. How silly eh? Only in PEI could you go up to someone and say "Hey you work in Ontario," and be able to figure out who they are.

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