Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yeah, so About That Party...

Things are definetly interesting around here!! Yesterday was quite the day for adventure! My sister had called earlier in the week to see if it was still okay that she came on Friday and stayed the night with us to be here for Sean's birthday. Mom and Dad were going to arrive on Saturday to celebrate and pick up Karina. I was totally excited that Karina wanted to come the day early, but I must admit that I had totally forgotten about it until she called so I was a little flustered. I wasn't sure how we would go get her. Marko was going to be at work and I was working. At first I said I would get her. But this meant that I would have to get Sean fed and dressed for bed and hope that he would fall asleep in the car to and from the ferry. Then I came up with a better idea. Marko and the coworker that he car pooled with could swing by and pick her up. After much calling around we did get this figured out. Only glitch was that the boat was coming in at 3:30 or so and Marko doesn't get off till 5. Karina then would have a bit of waiting to do which she was fine with since the terminal is there to wait in...

Yeah, so they close the terminal at 4! This was not good, Karina called home to tell them that she hadn't been picked up yet and that she had to wait in a different building. This of course sent my folks into a bit of a tizzy. My mom tried calling me, I was just getting home and got the message a little after 5. I called mom back, she explained Karina's delima. I called Marko but in the middle of pressing buttons I could hear noises on the line so I said "Hello?" and there's my Dad!! What was with that?! I was in a hurry so I was trying to get off the phone and Dad was trying to tell me about Karina..ARGHHHHH I finally get through to Marko and let him know where to pick up Karina. I Call Karina back to let her know that they are on their way. Marko and Karina came through the door a little after 6! Phew!

Which brings us to today. Mom and Dad left Caribou at 10. Mom called at around 11 to say they were just in Wood Islands and were now heading back to Caribou!! I was all like "WHAT?! WHY?!" Apparently the boat just couldn't get docked. They had tried a few times and then gave up! So they were headed back to Caribou! (Sure hope they can dock there!) Which leaves us with no grandparents coming for the 2 o'clock party. So yeah, the party has now been postponed..until, well at this point it looks like it'll be tomorrow sometime!!

And then for a bit of excitement, Sean ingested some hand sanitizer! He didn't have much more of just a taste. But I called Posion control, that was fun. The lady I got to chat with was great, very funny! Sean is going to be okay, just needed to rinse his mouth and wash his hands...oh man, what a day!

I'll keep you posted with updates as events warrant.
I'm hoping there won't be many more events

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