Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Know You're a Mom When...

Yes there are many situations that come up and it's then that you realize that you ARE a MOM.. Like, you know you are a Mom when..
you have conversations about poop, it's colour and consistency.
your child throws up at the table and you're able to clean it up and still enjoy your meal.
poop in your bathtub isn't all that abnormal.
your child takes whatever is in his/her mouth and shoves it in yours...you eat it and don't cringe. (this happened to me today, nothing quite like half chewed carrott to get your day off on the right start!)
you are able to grab your child, their diaper bag, your purse, the keys to the car and manage to get all of these things into the car without mishap.
your child smears their runny nose on your sleeve and it doesn't bother you.
you know most if not all kinds of nursery rhymes by heart.
you know just at many lullabies.
you love the smell of your own child.

Well, thats what I've come up with so far, so all you other mothers, and I know you're out there, do you have any other instances of "You Know You're a Mom When"? I'd love to hear them!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sweet Smelling Son

I don't know, maybe it's because I finally have my sense of smell back, or maybe it's because I'm as odd as the day is long, or maybe it's because I love everything about my little boy, but I absolutely love the smell of Sean's silky hair. This morning as I was feeding him his bottle, I gently rested my cheek on his head. I kissed his little head and sniffed his hair and oh how sweet and lovely it smelled. This probably sounds completely absurd, but it was so comforting to smell him. I guess I could have gotten the same effect by sniffing his shampoo bottle but it just wouldn't be the same. He was so warm and cuddly in my arms, I just wanted to hold him tighter and kiss his head and smell his baby sweetness. The smell of fresh baked bread used to be my favourite smell but now it's got to be my son!...especially when he doesn't have a dirty diaper.

Our Little Star!

Playing trucks.

When you really need your fiber, nothing is as good as a hunk of cardboard! YUM!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Timing is Everything!

Just the other day, Marko and I were remarking how Sean is starting to outgrow many of his sleepers among other things. The sleepers tend to go a bit faster what with the cute little footies. We have a couple pyjama sets without footies but Sean refuses to keep his socks on so I like to use the footie sleepers. So just last night while I was over at Doug and Tammy's for some fun and games, they handed over TWO diaper boxes full of clothes!! Their little boy is just a year older than Sean, which is perfect for the passing on of hand me downs!! So much super sweet stuff! Dude is now totally set for the summer! And there is some stuff he can use now.

Tonight we're going to dinner as a family with some friends and then coming home to have a much needed quiet night at home.

Daddy and Sean. The suit is one of the cute things Sean got.

Sean put his bottle on the table and then put the cover on top by himself.

"I need to do wha?!"

The Multipurpose Laundry Basket

It's been awhile, but finally I'm posting again. We've been busy going to a Christian conference in the mornings. Sean enjoyed playing with all the children in the nursery and the attendants were always amazed at how happy he was. That's my little smiley pants! Thankfully, Sean seems to be over his cold. Marko and I are also nearly healthy. Sean is climbing over everything. He's got the couches figured out, just wants to get up on the big rocking chair now.

His latest fun activity is playing with one of our laundry baskets:

How he enjoys playing with door knobs.

Apparently, great for standing up in.

"Hey, wanna go for a ride?"

"This is the life!"

"And now I shall read to you, this entire volume of Sherlock Holmes."

Conducting the "Hallelujah Chorus."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are Tables Next?!!

This morning I was puttering around the living room while Sean was toddling about the kitchen, I looked over at him and he was happily wandering around the kitchen table. I smiled and went back to what I was doing. The next time I look up, there he is proud as punch and standing on one of the kitchen table chairs!! I near leapt right out of my skin! The floor in our kitchen is ceramic tile which is none too forgiving, as many of my dishes will attest...well they would attest if they were still here! So I ran right over to him and promptly plopped him (gently) on the floor. And what did my darling of a son do at that point?! But climb right back up on the chair! I quickly moved him to the living room where it is much safer to play...phew!

Me and my little man, isn't that belly button just the cutest?!!

"Ok, so am I supposed to pretend that I'm on fire here?"

"Thank you and Good Night!"

"Hmmm, Mommy I think I have to poop, but you know what?! I think I'll hold it until I get into the tub tonight, yeah that's what I'll do.."

Yep, the wee lad pooped in the tub again. This time he pooped and before I knew what had happened he was scrambling to get out of the tub and onto my lap! It was pretty funny!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Trip to the Doctor's Office...

...was for the most part uneventful but very successful. We had no problem getting in to see him this morning. He saw all of us and prescribed some meds...Yippeee. So now we're all on something. We should be better by the weekend! I can't wait to hear out of both my ears again! :) Sean is doing so well! You'd hardly know that he has a cold. He plays just as hard as when he's healthy. In fact today he figured out how to get up onto one of our couches! This just happens to be the couch along the kitchen counter. This of course means that nothing on that counter is safe anymore...On a happier note, Sean put some of his toys away all by himself and without being asked!! Marko had been playing with him, when I guess, Sean decided that he was done playing with his train and so put it away in his toy cabinet! I have never seen him do that before. And then when I asked him to put his fire truck away, he picked it up, opened the cabinet and plunked it in. I don't know how long this is going to last so I'm going to enjoy it while I can!!

Welcome Mike to Bloggersville!!

A very new, but sure to be exciting and interesting blog has hit the interweb. Hold on to your hats because Mr. Mike Thomas has taken on the new position of creator of an awesome blog called, drumroll please, Brannigans Law. He's just in the beginning phase but if I know Mike, he's got lots of great ideas and thoughts to share with everyone! So go take a peek and add this site to your favourites and if you have a blog, I highly recommend adding this one to your links!

The author himself, Sean knows him as Uncle Mike! :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sean's Twin?!

I was talking to my mom tonight (who doesn't like to talk to their mom when they're sick, mom's always make you feel better, thanks mom) and she happened to mention something she saw in the Zeller's flyer:

She thought this little guy was a near spitting image of Sean! I'd say he could definetly pose as Sean's stunt double..oh who am I kidding, Sean would do all his own stunts! Daddy's thoughts were that yeah, the kid looked a lot like Sean, but Sean is cuter! :)

Tweaking the Blog

I spent some time this weekend just playing around in Blogger and a couple other sites to see if I could jazz up my little ol' blog. I ended up with the slide show you see at the top of the page. Nothing too crazy but fun. I had tried switching my template but did not like the results so I came back to my tried and true!

We, the Perics are all under the weather. Sean is doing the best out of all of us. He may have a runny nose and a horrible cough but that doesn't stop him one bit. He managed to climb up on our big chair all by himself and he found the source of all power, the on/off button and volume button on the TV. Daddy was not all that impressed. Marko and I are rather a sad looking lot. He's all stuffed up, my ears are plugged so we spend a lot of time just saying "Whaaa?" So yeah, hopefully all three of us will be able to get in to see the doctor tomorrow.

Sean has always enjoyed Patty-Cake. And when he learned how to clap, he would clap right along but now he's added another twist. He'll clap and slowly spin around at the same time. So funny to watch! He has also named his bottle. It is "Bot-tee" In the morning he'll head right over to the fridge and yank at the door until I open it, he'll reach in and grab his bottle and exclaim, "Bot-tee, bot-tee!" Pretty darn cute.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Anyone Want a Cold?

Yeesh, Sean is still coughing and his nose is still running. Fortunately he still eats and sleeps well. Marko and I are also battling the cold. My right ear is plugged which makes life interesting and my nose, oh my poor little nose. Marko spent his snow day in bed trying desperately to get over this cold. No such luck, he's still stuffed up and fairly miserable but made the trek to work anyways.

Sean is still up to his cute tricks. Usually when I dress him, I just plop him on my lap and get his clothes on him. He helps by pushing his little arms into the sleeves and being still for the most part, as I hike his pants on him. Yesterday, before I could get his socks on him he jumped down and started playing with his Cookie Monster Truck. Marko had his little socks in his hand and sorta waved them at him to get his attention so we could get his socks on. He came over grabbed one sock and put it on top of his foot! So funny. At least he has the right idea.

You may have noticed on my sidebar a button about the Ultimate Blog Party. One of my favourite blog sites, 5 Minutes for Mom, is hosting this bash! It starts March 2 and ends on the ninth. There are prizes to be had and fun for everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting more online Mommies!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The End of the Meds

Tomorrow Sean has his last little bit of meds so here's hoping that this is also the end of his cold and hopefully my cold won't lag too far behind.

Well, Bonnie and Brian I don't know what to say, but I think my boy has a little crush on your little girl. The first thing out of his mouth in the morning these days is "Abby". When he is wandering about the living room whose name is ever on his lips? Abby. Whose picture does he look for in our photo album but, Abby. The cutest part is the way he says it, its in a sort of hushed sing songy voice. He also no longer flip flops between Abba and Abby, no siree, it's Abby all the way. I remember when he used to say Mommy, how quickly they grow up! ;)

Sean was a little sooky today, wanting to be picked up and held a lot. I figure its the cold talking and I'm fine with that. It's pretty sweet to have him just lay his little head on my shoulder and wrap his little arm around my neck.

Today was a crazy weather day, lots of snow, freezing rain and blowing snow. Marko and I thought that surely he would get a "snow day" because of it. His work is in Panmure Island which is a good hour drive away out in the country so the roads are not all that great. Unfortunately he didn't BUT, he's getting one tomorrow!! The boss already called to tell him! Yipee, Marko will be working but at least he'll be here!

This is one of Sean's favourite play areas, under the kitchen table.

Just strutin' his stuff!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Now I Hab His Cold...

I'm all tuffed ub, an my throat is sore..sniffle..Ahh, nuts it's not all that bad I guess. Sure miss breathing through both nostrils at the same time though. Must be nice to be healthy! :)

Before I go on, I need to thank Uncle Max and Aunt Karen for their gifts for Second Christmas!! Marko really enjoyed the cookies! Sean did too, except Daddy kept eating them! The socks are super sweet too!

In other news, Sean's cold continues to improve! He's been quite good considering his cold. He still eats a lot and sleeps through the night, which I am ever so thankful for. He likes to help put his toys away now! He'll get a toy and put it in the bucket when I ask him and then I'll shout YAY and he smiles and claps his hands! We do this for every toy which makes for a long clean up but an enjoyable one! He loves his shape sorter and enjoys putting the shapes in the right hole, with some help of course.

Even with the cold we all managed to have a good weekend. Marko and I ended up going to a friend's place Friday night for a movie. It was a spur of the moment thing. You wouldn't think that parents get many chances at spur of the moment stuff what with having to get babysitters and all. Luckily though, with our current living arrangements, i.e. living in a basement apartment in a private home, we have instant sitters, most of the time, they have lives too you know. Our land lord and his wife are more than happy to take care of Sean, seeing as they get to stay in their own home and just listen to the monitor. Then on Saturday we had some friends in to play Wizard and as we like to call it, Corporate Shuffle. And today, we just took it easy. We didn't go to church, figured it was better to keep our germs to ourselves.

"I am SOOOO Thristy!!"

"Ahhhh, much better!"

I asked Sean where his belly is and this is what he showed me. Isn't it just about the cutest little belly button you've ever seen?!

"Mmmmm, yummy, yummmy monkey!"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Second Christmas is Here...Today!

Yes, we had fun this morning opening up more Christmas gifts!! I think Sean was quite pleased with the whole thing.

Daddy and Sean unwrapping Sean's gift

This gift opening stuff is a very serious business indeed!

"Looky what I got Mommy! My own Cookie Monster Truck!"

"See, isn't it the coolest?!!" Sorry about the boogers under his nose...still getting over the cold.

"It's cool and fun to play with!!" The outfit was also a gift.

I'm getting so tall!

"Yeah, I'll bounce once you put that camera away."

The grown up gifts! Thank you so much Lyn and Wendy!! We totally enjoyed Second Christmas...I'll have to see if Mom could arrange this for next year!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Time to Celebrate Second Christmas

I know we're well past Christmas and a good ways past Old Christmas but, hey the presents just arrived so it's time to get this party started..well we will tomorrow anyways. And to whom do we owe the honour of Second Christmas? The Kimmetts. Thank -you!! In case you were wondering why we didn't thank you for the Christmas gifts last year, it's because Mom put them away and completely forgot about them until this year when she "happened" upon them in her office closet!

A lady that my folks work for, offered to bring the gifts over with her when she came for Christmas. Unfortunately she was ill during Christmas and could only make it here this weekend. What fun we'll have tomorrow moring!!

With the tree already put away, our chair will have to do.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


A while back Marko and I talked about different things that might be seen as a confession. Like something ridiculous you did (I have plenty of those) and so I wrote a few of them down. I found the list again yesterday and thought it might be fun to post. So here goes:

First I have a confession about yesterday...truely, I have a hard time believing that I did this myself. In all the craziness that was yesterday I forgot to feed Sean his lunch. Usually I feed him before noon. But yesterday he went down at noon and I decided that I would feed him when he got up. Well, once he was up he was playing with Abby and then the doctor called and so on until we got home at 4!! Amazingly Sean never fussed, which really is quite the marvel as the little lad absolutely loves to eat!!

Now onto the other confessions:

1) Now I don't recall if it was just me or my sister or the two of us together but, when we were little we coloured our cat's furry white chest with...my mom's lipstick...Poor cat was pink for weeks.

2) While at the supper table when I was like 2 or 3 or something, my dad had been nagging me to eat my supper so I promptly picked up my sausage and threw it at him. Such love!

3) Again when I was a wee little lass at Christmas time, we had this great thing called a gum drop tree. It was the best. So one day my sister and I partook of the luscious gumdrops on said tree. OK so really only I did, Karina was much more interested in putting the gum drops on the tree whereas I was all about stuffing as many of them in my gob as possible...we actually have a home video of this.

4) I once owned a smurf tape. I loved it. My family on the other hand did not. I wanted it played one evening and my sister and dad were not all that keen and my little feelings were hurt so I pouted for most of the evening.

5) I once owned the Aqua single Barbie Girl...ugh

6) While waiting for the guest of honour to arrive at his surprise birthday party in his backyard around the pool, I fell in...just as he was arriving...I was fully dressed...the water was terribly cold for an August afternoon.

7) During an English class in high school, my friend and I decided it was a better use of our time to investigate the burning qualites of my Bic pen.

8) Once getting into the shower I had the unmistakable feeling that something was quite wrong...I had left my bra on...I did this twice...Never said I was the sharpest tack in the box.

9) While working as a teacher at a Christian school, I was cleaning up my classroom after a full day, when my skirt fell right to the floor and I inadvertently stepped out of it. Thankfully all of my students were gone and I managed to whip my skirt back up to my waist without mishap.

10) Marko and I knew that our first born boy would be named Sean Marius before we were even engaged!!

So there you have it, some of my little life confessions!


Alright, it's settled then, I have the greatest husband on the planet! He fixed our little camera yet again!! So, dear reader your waiting is over! May the photo parades resume!

Daddy and Sean just before Daddy heads out for work.

Sean this morning at breakfast. He's looking much better.

I have another post I'm hoping to have up this afternoon. I'm calling it, Confesions...should be interesting...Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Crazy Daze

I had a friend come over to me not that long ago and tell me that she was enjoying my blog and that I sounded like the happiest Mommy on earth and that everything seemed to go so smoothly. So now it's time for a reality check. Although, I would like to think that I'm a pretty happy Mommy most of the time I do have the odd Mommy Melt down.

There are a couple of things I should explain about myself. I love routine, call that the teacher in me. I find great comfort from knowing what to expect next. I like planning out my day, accomplishing both small and big tasks throughout the day. While I don't mind surprises I must admit I'm not their biggest fan. For instance, Sean usually is up for two hours and then down for a nap. It's lovely, I can plan for it, I know it's going to happen like clockwork so I expect it. And then it happened, Sean had been up since 9:15 am, we went to Bible study, he played hard, we came home for lunch and by the time we were finished it was quarter after one. High time for the little man to have a nap. So I plunked him down in his little crib, gave him a little kiss and sauntered off to enjoy some quiet time. Well, surprise, surprise, Sean was not at all interested in napping. He wailed, he screamed for me to come get him out of his crib! I couldn't believe it. I mentally went over everything, he was fed..check, he was dry...check, he had had quality play time...check, any normal baby would need sleep by this time...check. Then why OH Why, wasn't Sean sleeping?!!! Sean was wide awake and ready for more play. I, on the other hand was most definelty not! I had to succumb and bring him back into the living room. I'm embarrassed to admit that I did it grudgingly. I knew he needed his sleep but his smiley little face told me otherwise..Harrumph..I was a bit of a grump and was a little gruff with him when he went after the VCR. I told him NO and came tearing right over to get him. He threw his little hands up and whimpered until I picked him up. He placed his little head on my shoulder and threw his arm around my neck...Boy, was I humbled. I rubbed his little back and apologized. My Mommy Meltdown melted away in my little boy's hug. So that was yesterday..Now for today's good times.

Sean has had a little cold since the weekend, nothing too threatening, just the sniffles and a little cough. Nothing that a little Dimetapp couldn't take care of, or so I thought. When Sean got up this morning, around his left eye was red and a bit puffy. I mentioned this to Marko and we both figured that he had probably poked himself and that the swelling would settle itself soon. Around 10:30 or so I noticed that his other eye had the same redness and swelling. I was now a bit concerned. I called the doctor to see if we could get in, I had to leave a message and didn't hear back until much later in the afternoon. Unfortunately I hadn't had the foresight to call Bonnie to tell her to keep Abby home in case I was able to take Sean in to see the doctor's. When I did finally hear from the office I had to madly make calls and emails to Bonnie's husband to try to get her to come back for Abby...So much fun. Once Abby was safely away, Sean and I headed for the Doctor's office. It was fairly quiet in the waiting room, until a friendly Scotsman arrived. I recognized him from a previous visit so we struck up a little conversation...everything went well until I mentioned Sean Connery. Who knew that he was not all that impressed with the guy. He was even more taken aback when I told him that we spell Sean the same way...Was I ever happy to head to the examination room after that. The doctor prescribed some antibotics and assured me that Sean's cold and eye infection would be cleared up in a week. Music to my ears!

Sean has been a good little tropper and took his medicine and is now sleeping peacefully. Oh and did I mention that he pooped in the tub tonight...again?! Ugh! Thats my boy, the Tropper Popper!

Another little blip in our life has been our digital camera. Seems it is suffering from DFS..that is Delicate Flower Syndrome. It doesn't seem to enjoy cold weather and thusly will stop working all together. Put it down even the slightest bit too hard and again it refuses to work. In a nutshell this means we may not have many pictures to share for awhile. It all depends on whether Marko is able to tinker the camera into submission or we come up with some funds to splurge on a new one. Either way this is going to take some time. So I'm apologizing now for the lack of pictures.

Anywho I think that's about all thats new here. Enjoy your day!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting to be a Big Boy

This past Sunday was a big boy day for Sean. He went from being in the babies nursery to the 1s and 2s nursery at church. We could have switched him over awhile back but we decided to wait until the new year to start things fresh. He did great in the new room. The helpers were astonished at how well he could get around and didn't get upset after he bumped himself.

I love Sundays, sure the morning is busy with getting ready and getting out the door to church and all that. But once we're home, its nap time. Nap time for everybody. It is so relaxing just to snuggle back under the covers for a little more shut eye. Afterwards we usually grab some lunch and if the weather is good we go for a little country drive. Sean seems to enjoy the outing and we love just puttering around and looking for things to take pictures of. This Sunday we had a great photo opportunity. We happened down this little road and noticed this huge (and I mean like ginormous) group of birds! And as we drove past, they all flew up into the air and blustered around the road together as a whole mass of birds moving in the same direction. It was amazing!

Sean was a pretty busy boy today. I was putting laundry away in their appropriate drawers and such when he got the notion to walk into our closet and close the door. I figured he wouldn't be in there long when he'd realize that he couldn't get out and he couldn't see Mommy any more. Boy was I wrong! He was thrilled to be in there by himself. I, on the other hand was getting anxious to what he might be up to in there. So I opened the door, and there he was standing in a laundry basket pushed up against the door, and he was fumbling with the door knob! He smiled up at me and then sat down in the basket. I thought, how would you like to go for a little ride in the basket. Apparently the boy likes it very much! So much in fact, that when I was out of breath and had to stop he started to fuss, and tried to push it himself by bouncing his back against the basket. I tried to reason with him, told him that Mommy wasn't as young and spritely as he and just needed to rest for an hour or two. He was having none of that. So I opted for just pushing him an arm length's away and then pulling him back in. This he loved even more, started giggling and laughing. What a boy!!

"Just taking a power drink!"

The great mass of birds! I must admit, it did get me thinking about Alfred Hitchcock's flick, The Birds!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

13 Months Plus 1 Day

I should soon stop with the monthly updates, this could get a little old by the time he's seven!

What a boy, he's trying to climb over everything! He's mastered the ottoman and is attempting every other piece of furniture in the living room. The body part identification is coming along quite well. His nose still eludes him but he can show you where his little belly is, his mouth/tongue, socks (I know this isn't a body part but he knows they go on his feet) and his ears. If I ask him where Abby is (and she isn't visiting at the time), he'll go and get the photo album off the bookshelf, flip through it until he comes to her picture and he'll say Abby! He enjoys getting as many of his noisy toys going at once. This morning he had his little train engine, manger and learning drum going. Marko wasn't impressed with all the competing electronic songs. He'll eat just about anything, he likes pineapple any kind of yogurt, and just about anything you might be eating!

" This is hard work!"

"I think my duckie would taste better with a little chocolate on it."


Thursday, January 04, 2007

See You Later...

It has been an absolutely wonderful two weeks! I have adored having Marko's mom and sister here for Christmas. We shared stories, ate lots of good food and were charmed by Sean's smiles. I just said good night and see you later to them as they left our apartment for the last time this Christmas. We won't see them again until July. You know, I'm glad that we said see you later instead of good bye, makes it feel like they're not really all that far away and that they'll be back to see us very soon. We enjoyed a lovely evening together. We went to the Dundee Arms for a delicious meal served by a waitress who obviously had just stuck her finger in a light socket, poor dear. Lovely lady to be sure, just interesting hairdo. Afterwards we caught a bit of a local hockey game. We came home and watched some ER and discussed just how long this show has gone on for! It was so relaxing, well I did manage to spill my hot chocolate on myself but besides that it was great!

This afternoon was a bit of a hoot! Abby was over for the afternoon and Sean was mighty pleased to have her here. The two of them are like two peas in a pod. They light up like Christmas trees whenever they see each other, and although they will take toys from one another, they never stay mad for long! Well, this afternoon Abby was her wonderful lovebug self and decided to plant a big wet kiss on Sean's head...repeatedly. Sean took it well until Abby inadvertently pulled his hair then he had had his fill of lovin'. Later after Abby had gone down for her nap, Sean and Grammy went for a walk. While they were out Abby woke up and so was in the living room when they came home. Sean was nearly ripping right out of his snow suit to go play with Abby. Once he was finally free and tottering over to Abby, I asked him if he wanted to give Abby a hug so he put one arm around her and placed his head on her shoulder! What little sweetie pies!

Another fun tid bit: A couple of days ago, I was reading Sean one of his counting books, and of course he wanted it read again and again, so by the third time I was like okay little fella, lets make this really interesting! So I became the count off of Seasame Street. Everytime I was done counting I would laugh maniacaly "Muh ah ah ahhh." Sean thought this was great and would smile at me. Then this morning we were flipping through books when we came across another counting book so I opened it up and started counting, forgetting all about the "Muh ah ah ahhh" Thankfully Sean filled in with his sweet little, "Ha ha ha haaaa" It was pretty darn cute!

Now for the promised pictures of ulitmate cuteness:

"Do ya love me or what?!"

"Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you!"

"Anybody want to buy a duck?"

" This is MY play area, what are you gonna do about it?!"

Leaning in for the kiss..

First a little friendly poking...

And the kiss...awwwwww

Abby: "I love him, I just love him to bits!" Sean: "Anyone touches a hair on her head and they'll be dead meat!!"