Saturday, January 06, 2007

13 Months Plus 1 Day

I should soon stop with the monthly updates, this could get a little old by the time he's seven!

What a boy, he's trying to climb over everything! He's mastered the ottoman and is attempting every other piece of furniture in the living room. The body part identification is coming along quite well. His nose still eludes him but he can show you where his little belly is, his mouth/tongue, socks (I know this isn't a body part but he knows they go on his feet) and his ears. If I ask him where Abby is (and she isn't visiting at the time), he'll go and get the photo album off the bookshelf, flip through it until he comes to her picture and he'll say Abby! He enjoys getting as many of his noisy toys going at once. This morning he had his little train engine, manger and learning drum going. Marko wasn't impressed with all the competing electronic songs. He'll eat just about anything, he likes pineapple any kind of yogurt, and just about anything you might be eating!

" This is hard work!"

"I think my duckie would taste better with a little chocolate on it."


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