Friday, January 19, 2007

Anyone Want a Cold?

Yeesh, Sean is still coughing and his nose is still running. Fortunately he still eats and sleeps well. Marko and I are also battling the cold. My right ear is plugged which makes life interesting and my nose, oh my poor little nose. Marko spent his snow day in bed trying desperately to get over this cold. No such luck, he's still stuffed up and fairly miserable but made the trek to work anyways.

Sean is still up to his cute tricks. Usually when I dress him, I just plop him on my lap and get his clothes on him. He helps by pushing his little arms into the sleeves and being still for the most part, as I hike his pants on him. Yesterday, before I could get his socks on him he jumped down and started playing with his Cookie Monster Truck. Marko had his little socks in his hand and sorta waved them at him to get his attention so we could get his socks on. He came over grabbed one sock and put it on top of his foot! So funny. At least he has the right idea.

You may have noticed on my sidebar a button about the Ultimate Blog Party. One of my favourite blog sites, 5 Minutes for Mom, is hosting this bash! It starts March 2 and ends on the ninth. There are prizes to be had and fun for everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting more online Mommies!

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