Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are Tables Next?!!

This morning I was puttering around the living room while Sean was toddling about the kitchen, I looked over at him and he was happily wandering around the kitchen table. I smiled and went back to what I was doing. The next time I look up, there he is proud as punch and standing on one of the kitchen table chairs!! I near leapt right out of my skin! The floor in our kitchen is ceramic tile which is none too forgiving, as many of my dishes will attest...well they would attest if they were still here! So I ran right over to him and promptly plopped him (gently) on the floor. And what did my darling of a son do at that point?! But climb right back up on the chair! I quickly moved him to the living room where it is much safer to play...phew!

Me and my little man, isn't that belly button just the cutest?!!

"Ok, so am I supposed to pretend that I'm on fire here?"

"Thank you and Good Night!"

"Hmmm, Mommy I think I have to poop, but you know what?! I think I'll hold it until I get into the tub tonight, yeah that's what I'll do.."

Yep, the wee lad pooped in the tub again. This time he pooped and before I knew what had happened he was scrambling to get out of the tub and onto my lap! It was pretty funny!


Mike said...

Love the images, especially the first one.


Mary E said...

The answer is yes, tables are next, followed by counters. The only way is to keep chairs out in the middle of the room (where you can fall over them) so he can't get any higher!

I remember when a babysitter asked me, 'How does he get down off the couch?' My only answer was, 'How the heck did he get up on the couch?' He was standing on his ride-on truck. Really safe!