Thursday, January 11, 2007


A while back Marko and I talked about different things that might be seen as a confession. Like something ridiculous you did (I have plenty of those) and so I wrote a few of them down. I found the list again yesterday and thought it might be fun to post. So here goes:

First I have a confession about yesterday...truely, I have a hard time believing that I did this myself. In all the craziness that was yesterday I forgot to feed Sean his lunch. Usually I feed him before noon. But yesterday he went down at noon and I decided that I would feed him when he got up. Well, once he was up he was playing with Abby and then the doctor called and so on until we got home at 4!! Amazingly Sean never fussed, which really is quite the marvel as the little lad absolutely loves to eat!!

Now onto the other confessions:

1) Now I don't recall if it was just me or my sister or the two of us together but, when we were little we coloured our cat's furry white chest mom's lipstick...Poor cat was pink for weeks.

2) While at the supper table when I was like 2 or 3 or something, my dad had been nagging me to eat my supper so I promptly picked up my sausage and threw it at him. Such love!

3) Again when I was a wee little lass at Christmas time, we had this great thing called a gum drop tree. It was the best. So one day my sister and I partook of the luscious gumdrops on said tree. OK so really only I did, Karina was much more interested in putting the gum drops on the tree whereas I was all about stuffing as many of them in my gob as possible...we actually have a home video of this.

4) I once owned a smurf tape. I loved it. My family on the other hand did not. I wanted it played one evening and my sister and dad were not all that keen and my little feelings were hurt so I pouted for most of the evening.

5) I once owned the Aqua single Barbie Girl...ugh

6) While waiting for the guest of honour to arrive at his surprise birthday party in his backyard around the pool, I fell in...just as he was arriving...I was fully dressed...the water was terribly cold for an August afternoon.

7) During an English class in high school, my friend and I decided it was a better use of our time to investigate the burning qualites of my Bic pen.

8) Once getting into the shower I had the unmistakable feeling that something was quite wrong...I had left my bra on...I did this twice...Never said I was the sharpest tack in the box.

9) While working as a teacher at a Christian school, I was cleaning up my classroom after a full day, when my skirt fell right to the floor and I inadvertently stepped out of it. Thankfully all of my students were gone and I managed to whip my skirt back up to my waist without mishap.

10) Marko and I knew that our first born boy would be named Sean Marius before we were even engaged!!

So there you have it, some of my little life confessions!


Bonnie & Brian said...

I love it! I just love it!

CrysLeigh said...

Here are mine:
I still love Rick Astley
I still have my superman blanket from when I was little on my bed (oh yes, the 'duperman' blanket still exists, although in fairly sad condition)
I'm a teacher & despise kids unless they're old enough to deal with sarcasm (appears to be 13+)

mary evans said...

You forgot about making pigeon noises in Old Testament class at Mt A...

Amanda said...

You know, meemer, there are lots of things that I could add to your list....
Oh, and the smurf tape?? I had "The Smurf's All-Star Show" on a record and a Fisher Price record player that I used to play over, and over, and over, and over again.

Laura said...

You know, its funny. Only after I published my post did it occur to me that maybe, just maybe my friends might have some other "confessions" for me!! I'm sure there are lots! Mary, I don't remember the pigeon noises...I do remember the Hockey Arena though.
I know Amanda, I'm sure you and I could come with hoards of confessions!! :) Meemer, meemer, meemer!

mary said...

oh yeah, the hockey rink... i knew there was something fairly substantial...