Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Crazy Daze

I had a friend come over to me not that long ago and tell me that she was enjoying my blog and that I sounded like the happiest Mommy on earth and that everything seemed to go so smoothly. So now it's time for a reality check. Although, I would like to think that I'm a pretty happy Mommy most of the time I do have the odd Mommy Melt down.

There are a couple of things I should explain about myself. I love routine, call that the teacher in me. I find great comfort from knowing what to expect next. I like planning out my day, accomplishing both small and big tasks throughout the day. While I don't mind surprises I must admit I'm not their biggest fan. For instance, Sean usually is up for two hours and then down for a nap. It's lovely, I can plan for it, I know it's going to happen like clockwork so I expect it. And then it happened, Sean had been up since 9:15 am, we went to Bible study, he played hard, we came home for lunch and by the time we were finished it was quarter after one. High time for the little man to have a nap. So I plunked him down in his little crib, gave him a little kiss and sauntered off to enjoy some quiet time. Well, surprise, surprise, Sean was not at all interested in napping. He wailed, he screamed for me to come get him out of his crib! I couldn't believe it. I mentally went over everything, he was fed..check, he was dry...check, he had had quality play time...check, any normal baby would need sleep by this time...check. Then why OH Why, wasn't Sean sleeping?!!! Sean was wide awake and ready for more play. I, on the other hand was most definelty not! I had to succumb and bring him back into the living room. I'm embarrassed to admit that I did it grudgingly. I knew he needed his sleep but his smiley little face told me otherwise..Harrumph..I was a bit of a grump and was a little gruff with him when he went after the VCR. I told him NO and came tearing right over to get him. He threw his little hands up and whimpered until I picked him up. He placed his little head on my shoulder and threw his arm around my neck...Boy, was I humbled. I rubbed his little back and apologized. My Mommy Meltdown melted away in my little boy's hug. So that was yesterday..Now for today's good times.

Sean has had a little cold since the weekend, nothing too threatening, just the sniffles and a little cough. Nothing that a little Dimetapp couldn't take care of, or so I thought. When Sean got up this morning, around his left eye was red and a bit puffy. I mentioned this to Marko and we both figured that he had probably poked himself and that the swelling would settle itself soon. Around 10:30 or so I noticed that his other eye had the same redness and swelling. I was now a bit concerned. I called the doctor to see if we could get in, I had to leave a message and didn't hear back until much later in the afternoon. Unfortunately I hadn't had the foresight to call Bonnie to tell her to keep Abby home in case I was able to take Sean in to see the doctor's. When I did finally hear from the office I had to madly make calls and emails to Bonnie's husband to try to get her to come back for Abby...So much fun. Once Abby was safely away, Sean and I headed for the Doctor's office. It was fairly quiet in the waiting room, until a friendly Scotsman arrived. I recognized him from a previous visit so we struck up a little conversation...everything went well until I mentioned Sean Connery. Who knew that he was not all that impressed with the guy. He was even more taken aback when I told him that we spell Sean the same way...Was I ever happy to head to the examination room after that. The doctor prescribed some antibotics and assured me that Sean's cold and eye infection would be cleared up in a week. Music to my ears!

Sean has been a good little tropper and took his medicine and is now sleeping peacefully. Oh and did I mention that he pooped in the tub tonight...again?! Ugh! Thats my boy, the Tropper Popper!

Another little blip in our life has been our digital camera. Seems it is suffering from DFS..that is Delicate Flower Syndrome. It doesn't seem to enjoy cold weather and thusly will stop working all together. Put it down even the slightest bit too hard and again it refuses to work. In a nutshell this means we may not have many pictures to share for awhile. It all depends on whether Marko is able to tinker the camera into submission or we come up with some funds to splurge on a new one. Either way this is going to take some time. So I'm apologizing now for the lack of pictures.

Anywho I think that's about all thats new here. Enjoy your day!


Mary E said...

There will always be days when he doesn't want to nap, but you have to stick to it if you want it to be part of the routine - they can get out of the habit in just a few days, I've found! Heaven knows we need the break as much as they do...
Isn't it amazing how fast they learn how to work the TV and DVD?

Laura said...

Very true, Mary. I tried very hard not to go in to him. I repeated to myself that he had all he needed and all that was left was to catch up on some sleep. Our apartment isn't big enough or sound proof enough for me to get away from the sound of his crying. Fortunately after he was up for maybe 20 minutes he showed real signs of needing sleep, i.e. eye rubbing. So I took him back to bed and thankfully he did sleep.