Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The End of the Meds

Tomorrow Sean has his last little bit of meds so here's hoping that this is also the end of his cold and hopefully my cold won't lag too far behind.

Well, Bonnie and Brian I don't know what to say, but I think my boy has a little crush on your little girl. The first thing out of his mouth in the morning these days is "Abby". When he is wandering about the living room whose name is ever on his lips? Abby. Whose picture does he look for in our photo album but, Abby. The cutest part is the way he says it, its in a sort of hushed sing songy voice. He also no longer flip flops between Abba and Abby, no siree, it's Abby all the way. I remember when he used to say Mommy, how quickly they grow up! ;)

Sean was a little sooky today, wanting to be picked up and held a lot. I figure its the cold talking and I'm fine with that. It's pretty sweet to have him just lay his little head on my shoulder and wrap his little arm around my neck.

Today was a crazy weather day, lots of snow, freezing rain and blowing snow. Marko and I thought that surely he would get a "snow day" because of it. His work is in Panmure Island which is a good hour drive away out in the country so the roads are not all that great. Unfortunately he didn't BUT, he's getting one tomorrow!! The boss already called to tell him! Yipee, Marko will be working but at least he'll be here!

This is one of Sean's favourite play areas, under the kitchen table.

Just strutin' his stuff!

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