Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting Back Into the Routine

Today was Marko's first day back to work after the holidays and Abby's first visit back to the Peric household. I missed having Marko around during the day but it was nice to settle into some type of order. Although, something new for Sean today, he along with Auntie Linda, myself and Jennie went skating. Now don't get me wrong the little lad was not sporting his own pair of skates and jetting about the arena like the next Wayne Gretsky. No, this time Sean got to relax in his stroller, all bundled up from head to toe. Good thing too, it was pretty chilly in there! Auntie Linda and I took turns pushing Sean about on the ice. He seemed okay with the whole experience. He would smile and giggle if you came up to him but for the most part he would just sit and enjoy the ride. Thankfully, I did not fall on my face as I was afraid I might do. Nor did Jennie or Auntie Linda fall, so this was a great little excursion for everyone.

Later in the day both Auntie Linda and Grammy Peric came to visit. Sean was quite excited as they came in the door. Auntie Linda had squatted down to his eye level and he ran right over to her, snatched the touque right off her head and yanked the thing right down over his ears! Too funny!

Auntie Linda cut Sean's hair today which was quite a little challenge. Abby was over at this time so he was a little distracted and kept twisting about. Auntie Linda was not to be detered and snipped away. I must say, he is looking like quite the dashing little man. I will have many pictures for you tomorrow!

It was really nice to have Abby over again. They both get along so well, and they both can say Abby's name! How cool is that?! They are a pretty funny couple to watch, especially when they're getting their dance on. Sean is a very serious dancer whereas Abby is quite carefree. Together they keep Bonnie and I in stitches! Today Abby had her first go at bouncing on the trampoline. She was a little hesitant at first but after a little encouragement she was up there just a bouncing away. She would've made Tigger very proud with all her enthusiastic bouncing. A couple of times both Sean and Abby got onto it and bounced together. I didn't grab my camera fast enough so I don't have any video or pics of that. But I'm sure they'll do it again and I'll be more prepared.

Now, in case there are one or two of you out there that actually did care to see how my living room improved after the holidays, here is the picture:
I'm most happy with the right hand corner, three of the pictures that are up there now used to be hanging in our bedroom. I think they look much better here. (the black and white picture of the rose is a Nancy Thomas of my favourites)

Grammy bought Sean a new Bible.

Nothing like a good taste test to get you into the mood.

Super Sean!!

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