Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting to be a Big Boy

This past Sunday was a big boy day for Sean. He went from being in the babies nursery to the 1s and 2s nursery at church. We could have switched him over awhile back but we decided to wait until the new year to start things fresh. He did great in the new room. The helpers were astonished at how well he could get around and didn't get upset after he bumped himself.

I love Sundays, sure the morning is busy with getting ready and getting out the door to church and all that. But once we're home, its nap time. Nap time for everybody. It is so relaxing just to snuggle back under the covers for a little more shut eye. Afterwards we usually grab some lunch and if the weather is good we go for a little country drive. Sean seems to enjoy the outing and we love just puttering around and looking for things to take pictures of. This Sunday we had a great photo opportunity. We happened down this little road and noticed this huge (and I mean like ginormous) group of birds! And as we drove past, they all flew up into the air and blustered around the road together as a whole mass of birds moving in the same direction. It was amazing!

Sean was a pretty busy boy today. I was putting laundry away in their appropriate drawers and such when he got the notion to walk into our closet and close the door. I figured he wouldn't be in there long when he'd realize that he couldn't get out and he couldn't see Mommy any more. Boy was I wrong! He was thrilled to be in there by himself. I, on the other hand was getting anxious to what he might be up to in there. So I opened the door, and there he was standing in a laundry basket pushed up against the door, and he was fumbling with the door knob! He smiled up at me and then sat down in the basket. I thought, how would you like to go for a little ride in the basket. Apparently the boy likes it very much! So much in fact, that when I was out of breath and had to stop he started to fuss, and tried to push it himself by bouncing his back against the basket. I tried to reason with him, told him that Mommy wasn't as young and spritely as he and just needed to rest for an hour or two. He was having none of that. So I opted for just pushing him an arm length's away and then pulling him back in. This he loved even more, started giggling and laughing. What a boy!!

"Just taking a power drink!"

The great mass of birds! I must admit, it did get me thinking about Alfred Hitchcock's flick, The Birds!

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! what a lot of birds. How did Sean react to them? He has always been fascinated by one or more birds I think.
Grammie Peric