Sunday, January 14, 2007

Now I Hab His Cold...

I'm all tuffed ub, an my throat is sore..sniffle..Ahh, nuts it's not all that bad I guess. Sure miss breathing through both nostrils at the same time though. Must be nice to be healthy! :)

Before I go on, I need to thank Uncle Max and Aunt Karen for their gifts for Second Christmas!! Marko really enjoyed the cookies! Sean did too, except Daddy kept eating them! The socks are super sweet too!

In other news, Sean's cold continues to improve! He's been quite good considering his cold. He still eats a lot and sleeps through the night, which I am ever so thankful for. He likes to help put his toys away now! He'll get a toy and put it in the bucket when I ask him and then I'll shout YAY and he smiles and claps his hands! We do this for every toy which makes for a long clean up but an enjoyable one! He loves his shape sorter and enjoys putting the shapes in the right hole, with some help of course.

Even with the cold we all managed to have a good weekend. Marko and I ended up going to a friend's place Friday night for a movie. It was a spur of the moment thing. You wouldn't think that parents get many chances at spur of the moment stuff what with having to get babysitters and all. Luckily though, with our current living arrangements, i.e. living in a basement apartment in a private home, we have instant sitters, most of the time, they have lives too you know. Our land lord and his wife are more than happy to take care of Sean, seeing as they get to stay in their own home and just listen to the monitor. Then on Saturday we had some friends in to play Wizard and as we like to call it, Corporate Shuffle. And today, we just took it easy. We didn't go to church, figured it was better to keep our germs to ourselves.

"I am SOOOO Thristy!!"

"Ahhhh, much better!"

I asked Sean where his belly is and this is what he showed me. Isn't it just about the cutest little belly button you've ever seen?!

"Mmmmm, yummy, yummmy monkey!"


Marko said...

That first picture, with Sean reaching for the the sippy cup on the ottoman, invokes thoughts of questing for the Holy Grail.

Mike said...

Love the tummy image. Hope you feel better soon.