Thursday, January 04, 2007

See You Later...

It has been an absolutely wonderful two weeks! I have adored having Marko's mom and sister here for Christmas. We shared stories, ate lots of good food and were charmed by Sean's smiles. I just said good night and see you later to them as they left our apartment for the last time this Christmas. We won't see them again until July. You know, I'm glad that we said see you later instead of good bye, makes it feel like they're not really all that far away and that they'll be back to see us very soon. We enjoyed a lovely evening together. We went to the Dundee Arms for a delicious meal served by a waitress who obviously had just stuck her finger in a light socket, poor dear. Lovely lady to be sure, just interesting hairdo. Afterwards we caught a bit of a local hockey game. We came home and watched some ER and discussed just how long this show has gone on for! It was so relaxing, well I did manage to spill my hot chocolate on myself but besides that it was great!

This afternoon was a bit of a hoot! Abby was over for the afternoon and Sean was mighty pleased to have her here. The two of them are like two peas in a pod. They light up like Christmas trees whenever they see each other, and although they will take toys from one another, they never stay mad for long! Well, this afternoon Abby was her wonderful lovebug self and decided to plant a big wet kiss on Sean's head...repeatedly. Sean took it well until Abby inadvertently pulled his hair then he had had his fill of lovin'. Later after Abby had gone down for her nap, Sean and Grammy went for a walk. While they were out Abby woke up and so was in the living room when they came home. Sean was nearly ripping right out of his snow suit to go play with Abby. Once he was finally free and tottering over to Abby, I asked him if he wanted to give Abby a hug so he put one arm around her and placed his head on her shoulder! What little sweetie pies!

Another fun tid bit: A couple of days ago, I was reading Sean one of his counting books, and of course he wanted it read again and again, so by the third time I was like okay little fella, lets make this really interesting! So I became the count off of Seasame Street. Everytime I was done counting I would laugh maniacaly "Muh ah ah ahhh." Sean thought this was great and would smile at me. Then this morning we were flipping through books when we came across another counting book so I opened it up and started counting, forgetting all about the "Muh ah ah ahhh" Thankfully Sean filled in with his sweet little, "Ha ha ha haaaa" It was pretty darn cute!

Now for the promised pictures of ulitmate cuteness:

"Do ya love me or what?!"

"Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you!"

"Anybody want to buy a duck?"

" This is MY play area, what are you gonna do about it?!"

Leaning in for the kiss..

First a little friendly poking...

And the kiss...awwwwww

Abby: "I love him, I just love him to bits!" Sean: "Anyone touches a hair on her head and they'll be dead meat!!"


Bonnie & Brian said...

Laura, those just have to be some of the sweetest pictures I have seen of Abby and Sean together. I love the thought at the bottom of the last picture. How extremely cute!

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