Monday, January 29, 2007

Sweet Smelling Son

I don't know, maybe it's because I finally have my sense of smell back, or maybe it's because I'm as odd as the day is long, or maybe it's because I love everything about my little boy, but I absolutely love the smell of Sean's silky hair. This morning as I was feeding him his bottle, I gently rested my cheek on his head. I kissed his little head and sniffed his hair and oh how sweet and lovely it smelled. This probably sounds completely absurd, but it was so comforting to smell him. I guess I could have gotten the same effect by sniffing his shampoo bottle but it just wouldn't be the same. He was so warm and cuddly in my arms, I just wanted to hold him tighter and kiss his head and smell his baby sweetness. The smell of fresh baked bread used to be my favourite smell but now it's got to be my son!...especially when he doesn't have a dirty diaper.

Our Little Star!

Playing trucks.

When you really need your fiber, nothing is as good as a hunk of cardboard! YUM!!


Mike said...

Whoa. Great picture. Gentlemanly (if there is such a word).


Bonnie said...

Laura, you haven't gone crazy or weird. It is definitely the thing mommy's love. Nothing smells better to me than my Abby. I've often commented on this to Brian. I could just smell her all day long. It brings every wonderful feeling to my heart. It's totally a mommy thing.