Sunday, January 28, 2007

Timing is Everything!

Just the other day, Marko and I were remarking how Sean is starting to outgrow many of his sleepers among other things. The sleepers tend to go a bit faster what with the cute little footies. We have a couple pyjama sets without footies but Sean refuses to keep his socks on so I like to use the footie sleepers. So just last night while I was over at Doug and Tammy's for some fun and games, they handed over TWO diaper boxes full of clothes!! Their little boy is just a year older than Sean, which is perfect for the passing on of hand me downs!! So much super sweet stuff! Dude is now totally set for the summer! And there is some stuff he can use now.

Tonight we're going to dinner as a family with some friends and then coming home to have a much needed quiet night at home.

Daddy and Sean. The suit is one of the cute things Sean got.

Sean put his bottle on the table and then put the cover on top by himself.

"I need to do wha?!"

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