Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tweaking the Blog

I spent some time this weekend just playing around in Blogger and a couple other sites to see if I could jazz up my little ol' blog. I ended up with the slide show you see at the top of the page. Nothing too crazy but fun. I had tried switching my template but did not like the results so I came back to my tried and true!

We, the Perics are all under the weather. Sean is doing the best out of all of us. He may have a runny nose and a horrible cough but that doesn't stop him one bit. He managed to climb up on our big chair all by himself and he found the source of all power, the on/off button and volume button on the TV. Daddy was not all that impressed. Marko and I are rather a sad looking lot. He's all stuffed up, my ears are plugged so we spend a lot of time just saying "Whaaa?" So yeah, hopefully all three of us will be able to get in to see the doctor tomorrow.

Sean has always enjoyed Patty-Cake. And when he learned how to clap, he would clap right along but now he's added another twist. He'll clap and slowly spin around at the same time. So funny to watch! He has also named his bottle. It is "Bot-tee" In the morning he'll head right over to the fridge and yank at the door until I open it, he'll reach in and grab his bottle and exclaim, "Bot-tee, bot-tee!" Pretty darn cute.

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