Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome Mike to Bloggersville!!

A very new, but sure to be exciting and interesting blog has hit the interweb. Hold on to your hats because Mr. Mike Thomas has taken on the new position of creator of an awesome blog called, drumroll please, Brannigans Law. He's just in the beginning phase but if I know Mike, he's got lots of great ideas and thoughts to share with everyone! So go take a peek and add this site to your favourites and if you have a blog, I highly recommend adding this one to your links!

The author himself, Sean knows him as Uncle Mike! :)

1 comment:

Mike Thomas said...

I am humbled by the endorsement. Many thanks. I will try to uphold the principles of excellence that we as bloggers have set as a bar, none too high.
I will attempt to give you something to see every day, if not my own creation, something via my RSS feeds.